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  1. Nice, looks like you're making progress!

    I like the Tomei knob and gaiter, where did you buy them? And has this car got footwell lights on it? 

    Also what is that gold packet infront of the shifter? Generic air freshener?

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Not available in the OP's tyre size though...

    The only Toyos available are CF2.

    I have the same size wheels, general consensus is the Rainsport 3's are most popular. But wear out quicker than many other options.

    I do hear CF2's are good though and surprisingly inexpensive..

    Here is the full selection of available tyres in this size:


  3. 2 hours ago, JPDDEP said:

    Cheers!  On the way :thumbsup:  The Mrs. and I are taking a weekend roadtrip up to Hakone this week, so I'll have fresh pics from the Turnpike and maybe a sound byte with my new Blitz intake.

    Thank you, sir!  And it may well be...I honestly don't remember that specific car very well, but it does appear to be a Mira/Cuore of some description...

    Cool Glanza, looks the spitting image of what mine was when I first got it 10 Years ago! Mine came over with RSR springs too.

    Any chance you know the part number for the RSR springs you fitted? (May get another set).


  4. Yes there is a plastic white 'over clip' on the speedo cable end that you need to pull aside from the notch in the cable end whilst then sliding it down the speedo cable. Then a tug should get it off.

    My fingers aren't too fat so I was always able to get them behind the clock in situ to remove everything at the back, thankfully. :D

  5. Lucas bulbs are good, I have experience with them too.

    Those or Osram / Philips would be my choice.

    Not to knock the previous guy. I have tried those simply bulbs before in all sorts of bulb types. H7 h4 501 286 and they are poor.

    I mean they work for a short time, a few months, but have always gone pop.

  6. To mention on my Glanza there are 3 electrical plug connectors at the top: left, middle and right.

    Push in the squeezy clip located in the centre of each whilst pulling them out.

    Then there is a white plastic 'over clip' on the top of the speedo cable in the centre of the clocks, that sits in a notch where it connects into the back of the clocks. Feel it with your fingers. Prise it slightly from one side with your fingers whilst sliding it down and off the speedo cable. Then the cable will come out with a bit of a tug.

    Then the clocks will be free to remove.

    Reverse the process when putting back in.

  7. The most important thing I can recommend is buying the best quality bulbs for the clock lights i.e. Osram. 

    I had a couple of experiences replacing the clock bulbs with basic brand bulbs and they lasted less than 6 months and then you have to redo it all again.

    The Osram's I've had in are years old and still good.

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