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  1. I had 20mm spacers and handling was never a problem but stock brakes
  2. You would need spacers I think mate
  3. I sold my gold ones last week for 480
  4. ive had this I get it just before landing feel like im about to die and my heads about to pop just suffer it till the end but id love a cure
  5. my first cars crushed in the starlet graveyard
  6. Im looking for a new car atm this could come in useful
  7. Provisionally sold anyway should be going friday there stamped rays on the back and you can tell the weight when you lift them even with tyres
  8. Ive always wondererd this as it would be so much easier and cheaper to insure a glanza then a converted ukspec
  9. Thanks dude! I dont even have a car atm so there not much use to me lol
  10. Well im in no major rush lol my starlets gone and im slowly looking for an alternative just would be nice to have the extra funds for my next car
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