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  1. Got brand new wepr kit Mani Decat Screamer all new never fitted £580 posted
  2. Chesh

    15" alloys

    Got some genuine rays for sale
  3. Got wepr mani Decat Screamer Brand new never fitted £650
  4. Chesh

    Boost controller

    Got blitz boost controller £220 posted
  5. Chesh

    Glanza engine

    Running engine wanted near Manchester
  6. Got one in Manchester for £250 bare shell Doors Wings that's all that's on it
  7. Chesh

    Mark 2 Gt shell

    Has tittle pm me what you have
  8. Pm me how much if I pick up today?
  9. Starlet Wayne the reg plate got sold on the other week
  10. Best price for this cash Saturday
  11. I will buy her back at the right price?
  12. Hi mohsin Really bad news bout engine, Not been on here in while, toyo sports manis do crack for fun, what's gone in engine bottom end or head drop me your number I might have some spare engine parts depending what's up with it, And for anyone saying it sounds dogey it's not just the joys buying used cars, I paid £2800 for Glanza and bottom end went on drive home it's just shit luck
  13. Sorry chris been at Jae text you when i get out of work mate
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