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  1. Missing my glanza and the forum!

  2. Sorry guys gona have to give it a miss tonight my funds can't stretch far enough this month. Hope you all have a great time!
  3. It's starting to sound like an expensive evening! Trying to convince the o/h that it will be a good night! (He being a miserable whinge bag at the mo!) everyone still going?
  4. No worries mate or drop me a pm might try and fit my hid's on sat if the weather is good so will be about
  5. Ahh brill. I am the boss he is getting told yeah just let me know closer to sat and we will sort out times etc. Mines an auto so just sit and ride
  6. Lol Staines my old stomping ground I live in Bracknell now so can get away from the along stereotype yeah can meet you wherever it's no problem. Hoping to get one of the other guys from round here (provided his glanza is ready) to come too so should be good! Do you mean clacket lane? Probs looking to leave around 6:30ish - but if convoying might leave at 6 to allow time to meet etc. least us silver glanzas are easy to spot!
  7. I get on at junction 12 on m25 so anywhere after that is good sorry I'm not good with which services on the way as google maps is crap!
  8. Not quite as far down as you - but could meet you on m25? I jump on from m3
  9. Might be interested! Could you possibly pm me some details?
  10. Have joined on FB, going to do my best to come. Shouldn't be a problem as it sat night will be great to see everyone again!
  11. Now I'm jealous your going to see lee evans! Much better than gadget show
  12. Don't worry Premier Inn is all booked up and ready to go! Sounds like a good day out - have to admin im a bit of a gadget girl myself so should be fun! Just seems like April is forever away at the moment! (looks like this may be our holiday haha!)
  13. Aww thank you! Have to admit, I am quite looking forward to it myself and it an excuse to have a night away (even if it is only a premier inn in Birmingham!) I'm also lucky he doesn't have a starlet too so he wont see what I have got him
  14. Hi guys! I've just bought a couple of tickets to gadget show live for me and the fella (including seats to the theatre thing) and was wondering if anyone had been before and what to expect? It is his bday in Feb so gona give him the tickets then Cheers! Naomi
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