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  1. Never dyno'd it but got noticeable power raced and bet a lot of things that a 1300 N/A shouldn't have 😂👌🏻
  2. I've sold this car now I must put up thread of my new one 👌🏻😜
  3. Il take it if you wil post to Ireland
  4. That's adjusted even when I hold the throttle a little won't start it sounds like the temp sender is gone but I got a brand new one and fitted it reset the ecu and still no good engine management light is on since this all happened and it's coming up as code 21 which is 02 oxygen sensor but that's new too so I'm really stuck ha
  5. I tried coolant temp sensor still no go car runs perfect when warmed up but splutters and bogs when it eventually starts until it warms up
  6. Hi everyone anyone have any idea ? My glanza S won't start it will turn over for a good solid 10 minutes before it will fire I've changed plugs ,leads didtributer cap and rotor arm still no go I've checked all vacuums as when it eventually fires it bogs until it's up to tempurture then it runs perfect and starts perfect just when I go out first thing in the morning this all happens any idea ?
  7. Hi everyone Put my 4efe back into my 97 glanza S and my fuel pump isn't cutting in I've power getting to the fuel pump and the fuel pump works when putting power straight to the pump I bridged b+ and Fp and my pump kicks in and car starts up fine and runs but once I try start it without bridging it won't go Any ideas ? Thanks in advance
  8. Cheers morgey im looking for a bigger TB soon but want to see what I can get my Rev range too first as it wouldNt benefit me at all unless I'm revving higher ! I'm basically doing a honda build but on 4e I'm working on b series Hondas everyday of the week so what makes them faster I'm trying and then il see if it makes mine faster 😂😂
  9. Thanks for the comments lads and morgey already done ;) The gearbox is out of a el44 cynos (paseo) shorter 1st 2nd 3rd ratios. It's getting dyno'd before and after the mods so see what she gains I'm doing all work myself so will be awhile as i work stupid hours
  10. ive gone down the root of getting more power out of my NA 4efe ive got a 4efte head ffor valve springs (to hold better revs) custom 4 Branch manifold head ported and polished skimmed a Acis inlet manifold with actuator ( solenoid) 5efhe cams bigger injectors and a emanage blue c152 gearbox lightened fly wheel exedy stage 2 clutch all going into it over the next couple of weeks hoping to break the 100bhp or more heres some recent photos
  11. Well everyone just wondering anyone know where or can I get a uprated release bearing as an OEM one lasted 417km before it started to rattle and it was put in right before anyone thinks it wasn't I just seem to be rough on them
  12. Yeah have it all sorted lads had a good look at air turned out the engine mount was f*cked and was pulling the dipstick tube out Thanks for the help lads
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