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Chris Bover Ireland - GT Mk1 project nightmare at unit6 sep2014 - May 2016

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(Nearly 15yr Ownership of starbo).

Unit6 NIGHTMARE project neglected by Chris Bover Ireland (sep 2014-Mar 2016).

Starbos forged TD engine was striped dwn in sep-aug 2014 by Chris at unit6.
Been made so many....... Promises by Chris again an again but constant excuses, I was asked for part payments towards a custom engine build,i made 1st payment in Nov 2014 and Dec 2014 in cash.

Even thou av never even had to pay in advance for previous projects at performance garages till job finished . Parts out of my car have gone missing from unit, he has sold parts out my car  but I aint seen no money . I never agreed to chopping the main wiring loom in my car. Then again Chris asked for more funds towards it in March 2015 but still no PROGRESS (May 2016).

Chris won't reply cause his got nothing better to say but excuses (Robbed) many other customers ther not on forums or fb. 

Chris Ireland & brother Phil Ireland work together partners in crime they sold customers parts & also sold from my car without permission,I spoke to many upset customers at unit, for example Chris swapped a good turbo of customers car for a knackered turbo. Chris & Phils friends always defended Chris but where the 6speed guru gone lolz (hiding) , I have got more communication proof & plenty more pictures. 





















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That's a long time lad. Don't know how you have the patience for this 😬

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Dodgy crooks. 

Phil Ireland partner in crime brother of Chris bover Ireland.My mate Ash Dunnings old glanza Phil breaking , yes the blitz k1 is knackered  & smokes dodgy seller.





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Heads up my grey GT (Revamped) 😊



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so something has been brought to my attention. 

so here are the actually details.

item: rear splitter 

posted arrange with Parcels2Go via Parcelforce 

item collected see pic, unfortunately item never really progressed. After This was brought to my attention, case logged with parcels2Go for investigation 

The user on Facebook, didn’t mention no names on Facebook, he send money via gift and was seeing where he stood regards protection etc.

if you look through the comments I named myself.

anyways, we exchange some DMs and came to an agreement we will wait till weekend to allow Parcelforce respond. Unfortunately they didn’t and money was returned.

A few days after Parcelforce replies and said “great news your parcel is tracking” and was delivered the next day. 

He kindly resent the payment after taking delivery of the parcel.

Fitzturbo, get over yourself and I hope to god you crash the car haha 


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