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TF035 4cm² vs 6cm²

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On 4/6/2020 at 7:18 AM, ste91 said:

Can't believe I posted this in 2018 and still not got the TF035 fitted! A lot of delays on various bits and pieces and now delayed by the virus but got some nice parts ready to fit, ceramic coated WEPR kit, ME221 ECU plus some upgraded sensors, new fuel pump and pressure regulator along with 370cc injectors. Looking forward to getting it done just hope the old 4EFTE holds up afterwards lol..

Update again, turbo still not fitted and car not running 😂 😂

however the new engine (forged 5E) is almost ready and I've now got a billet TD04, only a standard 13T sized wheel but plenty big enough for what I want, going for a Link G4+ and Bosch 550cc injectors as well now

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Hi guys .... its been a while but i might just share some recent turbo action regarding the 4cm vs 6cm thing.

So as you may have already read I had a 4cm TF035 exhaust housing machined out to fit a bone stock TD04L.

On 19 psi this setup netted me a healthy 160kw at the wheels.

After some time i felt that maybe there was some decent ( not in a good way ) back pressure happening due to the small rear housing.

I built myself a device to measure it and see.

After this I put the exhaust housing back to the stock TD04 6cm one. This netted an 18% reduction in manifold back pressure 😀 Excellent !

I can go one better , So i got myself a Kinugawa TD04HL-15T With the Billet compressor wheel ect. This turbo is a good size bigger on the turbine wheel side than a TD04L

52mm outer 44mm inner for the HL and 47mm outer and 41.3mm on the inner for the L.

I also opted for the 9 blade turbine wheel . (stock is 12 blades. )

This netted a further reduction in back pressure of 8.5% .

Giving me a exhaust to intake ratio of 1.22:1 at 19psi. Pretty happy with the outcome. It was only 200 rpm later to max psi going from the TD04L to the TD04HL-15T


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A whole year later and it's funny seeing this post come back up, car is finally getting a Link ECU fitted now, forged 5E and TD04, I sometimes consider posting a progress thread on here but hardly anyone bothers with the forum anymore

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