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How easy is the crash bar to remove on an ep82? Mines looking a bit worse for wear n thinking of giving it a coat of paint but unsure how to get it off. Cant find anywhere on how to remove it but have seen pics of cars without it on, so I know it can be removed! Wanna do it before my front mount goes on

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It's a pretty easy job to do really.

Best to remove bumper the night before, an give all bolts a good soak in wd-40 or any penetrating oil.

If you can reach or see the back of the bolt, get a wire brush (toothbrush size) and clean off any thread's showing and spray with oil. This save's dragging shit threw the threads as you undo it, also brush the heads clean so socket sits right.  Any point while undoing bolts and they go tight, stop an wind back in and spray, then back out.

You prob know most of what i have said, but if the bar is looking worse for wear then the bolts will be in the same condition.  

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