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Find my old GT - Did you ever strip or scrap this white gt? chassis number inside

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This was my old toms kitted evo td05h, 6 speed starlet from back in the day.

After i sold the car about 13 years ago i know it changed hands a few times and was on ebay at some point and im sure some parts came off it like the toms from bumper. It also apeared on a tv program which i think was about teenage pregnancies (lol) in a dodgy area at one point.

When i sold the car i kept the private plate L13 GTT but it was reissued with a px53 year plate as that was the year it was imported for some reason. But i have no pics of the end of the registration and i cant remember the rest of it so no way of checking if its still on the road.

I just wondered if anyone knows if it ever met its end. The chassis number was EP82-0463840 i think. Ive checked this number and it comes back as a white 94 gt so should be right.


A good way to identify the car was that the front panel was cut near the bonnet catch to clear the early WEPR manifold which you can see in the pics.

I always wondered what happened to it so it would be good to find out. There werent many 6 speed starlets of this spec back then so im hoping we should be able to track it down.

Mascrat2 9.6.08.jpg







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I searched through my old emails and i mesaaged the guy selling it when it was listed. heres  a few screen shots. At some point it put a rod through the block and this guy built another engine for it.

This was the seller



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Ive looked through some old paperwork and i managed to find the little green slip the DVLA issued the new reg onto!

Looks like its tax ran out 1st Jan 2012!

and mot ran out 2nd May 2014




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just bumping this up as no one got in touch.

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