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Timing Questions

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Hi guys, 

I have a question regarding setting timing. I pointed the timing gun at the crank pulley, it was at 0° so I loosened the distributor and turned it till the crank pulley was at 5° which is correct actually to my manual. My timing gun was reading 30, would this mean the timing is now at 30° and I should have turned the advance dial until the gun read 0 and the crank pulley was at 0 before moving the distributor to get 5°? 

Apologies if this is a confusing question! 

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I've copied the how to do from toyotagtturbo forums   this explains it better .                                                   ok u will need 
12mm spanner
timing light (about 15 pounds for one)
some sort of white paint (tip x)

ok first off look at the crank pully and find the marks on it mark them with the tip x so u can see it better like i have done , do the seam with the 2 marks on the lower timing covers as in the pix .



next open the diagnostic port andd bridge out TE1 and E1 this places the car in diagnostic mode (when u start the car u will find your check engine light will flash)



now set up the timing gun and place the clamp on cyl No 1 now start the car and shine the gun on to the lower pully (note if your gun has a dial on it set it to 0) u will be able to see what your timing is set at now. it should be flashing at the 10 marker if it not read on 

ok if its not flashing at the 10 marker losen the 2 12mm bolts on your dizzy as per the pix now ajust the dizzy untill your timing is set at the 10 marker (u will see the timing move as your ajusting it) once u have it at the 10 marker tightn the 2 12mm bolts up and just give it a last check to make sure its not moved.



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