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STARLET Rev counter clocks in my 97 jap starlet

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Hey guys first post and am really stuck. I just bought a set of rev counter dials and and trying to figure out how to repin my connectors for them to work but the only guide I can find on here is what I believe to be 98 spec loom any information will help me allot as I am not good with wiring.

my car is 1997 N/A jap import starlet if that helps not sure of the model here’s pictures of my connectors if that helps😊




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mine is the cd model starlet it had a engine rpm signal at the clocks, but if you are stuck here there is a engine rpm signal wire at the diagnostic socket used for testing equipment just cut this off the socket and use this to wire threw. ive not come across one member on any forum (starlet owner) that has ever used this diagnostic socket to its full potential. so knowing that feel free to use it for aftermarket equipment/conversions. 

im working away from the uk just at present and im not back till in the new year, im just waiting on a friend/co worker ho is helping build the starbo. 

ive messaged him to Email me the diagrams I draw up to convert the uk cd/sr clocks to the glanza v clocks. 

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That’s really great man really should help me out but I ran into issues earlier with lights not working behind the dash and now I just put it back to the way it was before I started depinning and now nothing works on my old clocks I really don’t know what to do at this point 🤷‍♂️ 

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I've had a look through the wiring diagrams I have for the UK 96/97 starlets and the wire colours / positions are different to your photos.

Are the plug photos as Toyota made them or after you started moving things?

Also what engine has the car got?

The signal for the clocks comes from the distributor wiring on a UK model. But you can use pin 21 at the ECU instead or the one found in the diagnostic port also.

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Hey claymore yes this is how Toyota left them and mine is a jap import model but has no rev counter for some reason or rpm signal so I’m going to do as Sam mentioned above 😁 but the rev counter clocks I have are out of a U.K model starlet

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Yep its totally bonkers! Which is why I asked what engine is in the car, apparently there was an option of 2E and a diesel for some countries? Never seen or heard of one though.

The UK 4efe (96/97) has a black signal wire for the tacho on the brown plug at position 6. This wire is shielded to stop any interference. The photos above show a pink wire in place?!

I would use the diagnostic port signal, there was a guy on here who used a spade connector and just plugged it in to the port so there was no need to cut the wiring but the port cover will have to be left open.

The green wire from the distributor is to communicate with the ecu to run the engine so I'd leave it alone unless absolutely necessary.

Again this is all UK model stuff! Think the later models from 98/99 are different also! The fuse box certainly is anyway.

From what I've read people have used the plastic circuit on the back of the clocks to trace the wires. Start with one plug and write down its wire colour and position. Then follow the tracks in the plastic circuit to see where it goes on the clocks, repeat for all plugs. Then do the same on the new clocks (following from the item on the clocks back to its connector pin).

Then you know what the car wires do and where they should go on the new clocks. Then find a suitable feed for the missing wires.

Not too difficult, just take your time.

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