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WRC project - Celica GT Foir ST205L 3sgte to Corolla E11

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A friend of mine was thinking to start a Corolla E11 WRC replica project and he want to find the missing parts to get chassis right and wheels on get the swap done and work on the body kit. The engine comes from a Celica GT Four ST205.He would keep the internal semi-original for the moment.

First questions are.

What parts of the transmission and chassis has to be brought/swapped from the Celica ST205L GT Four and what can be left Corolla original.

Concerning the GY Four transmission, What about the Celica and Corolla have track and wheelbase differences? Are there any? What’s the procedure WRC uses to swap it correctly? Any stored data to use?


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For the swap you may aswell buy a rough st205 as it’ll be cheaper and easier in the long run. There’s a red Corolla on YouTube that’s had the conversion and the track is slightly wider but nothing too crazy, just looks more aggressive. 

Fensport were one of the first companies to do this conversion but theirs stayed fwd.

Its the same with Tuning developments- theirs was also fwd and sold on now. 

there will be a lot of custom work required to mount the rear subframe correctly. If he was to stay fwd it would be a lot easier to do but obviously not as fun. 

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