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Need some advise. Boost creeping.
Tong turbo hybrid TD12 internal gated (waste gate ported), FMIC, HKS actuator, Walbro 255, Tuning Development Manifold/Decat, Fujitsubo exhaust 2,5’, DET3 piggyback ECU, 
Boost creeps every single time when over 5000 revs and get cutoff. ECU cutoff is set to 1.2bar. I’ve install catalyst to restrict exhaust side but no luck. What’s my options now? Electric boost controller or external wastegate?  appreciate any advice

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Hi Sam44

actuator works correctly and I don’t have any boost controller. I have piggyback ecu which allows me to set safety cutoff and it’s set to 1.2bar. Every single time when engine is over 5000rpm I’ve got cutoff. Without this restriction boost will go to 1.6bar. 

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Posted (edited)

interesting. were is the waste gate situated. do you have any pics of the turbo and down pipe/decat pipe on it. could there to any  restrictions in there to reduce waste gate flow. some of the down pipe i have are designed for an external gate setup.  

also how is the actuator boost pipe routed/any other pipes "t" in to it. have you checked this for leaks/blockages. silicon sealant normally the culprit here or a bit of old gasket passed threw the turbo.  

if you turn the boost down does it operate correctly/no boost creep. 

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