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Mk1 Gt ep-82 Me442 ecu.

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Toyota Starlet Gt Turbo Mk1. Approx 280bhp on Standalone Motorsport Electronics Me442 wire in ecu (Not the plug in version)


.Fully forged engine. Wosner pistons 74.5mm bored block. With Pec rods, 1.4 metal head gasket ARP head bolts, was built with new oil and water pump every gasket and belt replaced. Some recipes but mostly just have pictures of the build.

. Using 5w 40wt fully synthetic Shell engine oil.

.Slightly ported inlet manifold and engine cylinder head. Thermal gaskets fitted for throttle body and inlet.

.Modified rocker cover as car uses K20 coil packs. (Civic type r ep3/fn2 coils.)

.Ricky Lee exhaust manifold which is 3.5mm thick, modified 38mm v band external wastegate exit.

.Td04l custom 19t Kinguwa compressor housing. Turbo recently rebuilt with new bearings and seals. Had the exhaust shaft replaced and balanced to fit new 19t impeller and the middle core bored to fit the 19t in. Turbo exhaust flange modified and has a v-band exit. My old airfilter didn't fit back on so intake is meshed currently. Would advise finding a filter that fits properly.

.Decat pipe with V band, heat wrapped in black.

.Have a spare decat standard td04-5 exhaust fitment can be included with the car. Incase your not a fan of the v-band or want to go to a td05 turbo.

.Genuine Tial v band 38mm wastegate. 0.8bar spring fitted. Have original box with additional springs, registered with tial to prove its genuine.

.Screamer pipe drops through the middle to the left of the radiator and its heat wrapped in black.

.Stainless Steel exhaust system. With new flexi.

.All vac lines are new and have proper metal vac line ties on them.

.Upgraded power flex engine mounts. Solid yellow polly v bushes. 

.Custom intercooler with shorter routed Intercooler pipes 2.5inch in diameter, heat wrapped. 

.Oil cooler kit thermostat controlled.

.Relocated oil filter with sensor ports for oil pressure and temperature.

.Nissan Skyline Denso 550cc injectors new and have two spare.

.Genuine Sard fuel pressure regulator with gauge. Gauge reads a bit off but car has been mapped with it set to 3 bar of pressure.

.Walbro 255lph fuel pump have a new 340lph fuel pump to be fitted.

. Shorter Civic half size dual core radiator with fan.

.1.3bar radiator pressure cap.

.Blue coolant pipes.

.Standard coolant thermostat. Using newer pink genuine Toyota coolant.


. Motorsport electronics Me442 ecu. Car has been road mapped by Alex Hixson he knows everything about the motorsport electronic ecu. Motorsport Electronics recommended him to me. It's been mapped at low boost 0.8 bar and high boost 1.5 bar. Not had the car rolling roaded but it feels better than it did before along with the new turbo housing. I'd play it safe and say 280bhp. My plan was to take the car to Motorsport Electronics themselves as they know the ecu more than anyone and get them to fine tune the map on a rolling road.

Car was running megasquirt ms2 ecu before. The engine loom had badly been chopped about. I went for the wire in version of Me442 and made my own loom. This took a few months. All sensors plugs and pins are new and have been correctly crimped then added a small dab of solder to stop them pulling out. Water tight boots and connector seals used. Loom sleeved and shrink wrapped.

The only part of the original engine loom left is the starter loom which I separated from the older ecu loom. New loom made up as part of Me442 wirein kit.

The Me442 loom can be removed easily from the car and anything you wish to add can be done. It has separate internal fuse box's for 5v reference, after ign, sensor earth and body ground, all on ring terminals so easy to adapt find problems if they occur or of you wanted to add a new sensor in. New relays and loom for fuel pump and another for Coil packs and ecu lives. Car runs fully sequential ignition and only fires a coil when it needs to, same as its fueling. This is achieved with both cam and crank shaft pick up and sensors.

I did try to source an original ecu loom but had no luck on the forums. So made my own. Which meant I had to use the Me442 wirein kit.

Best thing about the Me442 being a wire in ecu you can purchase a fresh loom from motorsport electronics and simple unplug the ecu swop it across to another car upload a map and away you go.

What the Me442 is setup to run so far.

. K20 coil packs.

. Bosch Lsu 4.9 lamda sensor. Ecu has wideband controller built in.

. Link 3 bar map sensor. (Filter made to reduce noise.)

. Bosch dohnut knock sensor.

. Me442 recommended intake temp sensor.

. Me442 recommended water temp sensor.

. 36-1 tooth wheel on the crank with Ford crank shaft sensor.

. Dizzy cap modified so car also uses this for camshaft pick sensor.

. Nissan Skyline 550cc injector, dead times setup correctly. Lo impedance so I fitted 7ohn resistors.

. 4 port Mac boost pressure sensor (Not 3 port) helps gain more control over the external wastegate.

. Proper Idle control valve fitted.

. Also added digital speedo converter onto the gearbox. Toes in with mechanical spedo converter so both dash panel show correct speed and ecu dash panel.

Launch control can be used with digital speed. If you wanted to setup boost by gear you can. However I would recommend fitting a clutch pedal swith. I have everything to do it just not had the time.

. Oil temp sensor and oil pressure sensor to be setup. Need to talk to motorsport electronics about what sensors are best calibrated to use with there ecu. My old gauge sensors had no calibration data so I couldn't work out the bias correctly for them.

. K temp egt temperature sensor fitted just need to wire this up.

. Hi/Lo boost switch (Red Button)

. Data log switch (Green Button)


I use a Microsoft surface 2 tablet as the cars dash panel. This is directly linked to the ecu so everything can be viewed in real time. Afr, coolant temp air temp, revs. This in itself is how far you want to go with it as the display screen can be changed to view whatever you want to see. Car can be mapped this way too. Tablet not included, but when sold if someone wants me to help setup a windows tablet as the dash panel it's no problem.

I have made a custom tablet holder. This fits the Microsoft surface 2 so it doesn't move around when being driven.

. Short shifter fitted has slightly less throw when changing gears.

.Depo Boost gauge.

.Alpine headunit Bluetooth only. Spotify works okay for me.

.Fli dash speakers.

. Cruise pink gearbox (slightly faded now)

. OMP Steering wheel, with momo horn button.


.Twin piston Celica calipers with bigger discs, discs are vented and grooved with green stuff pads. Calipers rebuilt. 

.Braided purple brake lines.

.New rear discs and wheel bearings, new rear pads rebuilt rear calipers. New handbrake cables. Done less than 1500 miles. 

.Twigen brake master clyinder stopper.


. Standard Gt gearbox (no lsd sorry didn't get this far)

. Padel clutch can't remember the make doesn't slip at all.

. Slightly noisy clutch release bearing.

. Minor gearbox oil leak from driveshaft diff seals. Have genuine new replacements to be fitted included with the car.

Was waiting to pull gearbox out and fit and LSD along with new seals and clutch release bearing. 


Whiteline handling mods. All done within the last 1500 miles.

.Anti lift kit.

.Thicker front roll bar, with adjustable drop links.

.Rear panhard rod.

.Adjustable Rear roll bar.

.Standard front strut brace. 

.Yokahama Ad08r 205/50/15 front tyres with 5mm wheel spacers. (Have decent tread)

. Uniroyal all weather rear tyres 195/50/15 with 5mm wheel spacers.

. Original space saver still in the boot well.

.Tein coilvers full set. (A little old now minor oil leak on drivers side. Tein can rebuild these if you send them away)

Rear seats have been removed, but I still have them included with the sale.


The Turbo rebuild and Me442 ecu build is very recent only done finished it February this year. Think I've only done 300 miles since.

New toad Ai606 cat 1 alarm. 1 original key and spare which is a copy and two alarm fobs

Car has been garaged most of its life. Colour changed to black, before my time. Rust free under the bodykit. Undersealed with black hammerite paint, but do also have a wax paint to put on can be included. Few minor dings and scratches. Dent in the off side front wing, could probably push this out. Slight damage to drivers door where someone tried to break in. Bumpers could do with a respray but there not awful. Roofs lacquer isn't faded or peeling. Bodywork for me was going to be the last thing on the list to do.  Rear panel was painted black before my time I have a spare but it's cracked (unpainted) GT badge does light up still. Car is 29 Years old and amazing condition for it. I appreciate its a lot to take in with the Ecu build sure I've made it sound more complex than it actually is but it's rather simple.

These cars are really rare now and I know by selling it I'm never going to get another one. So it's a hard decision for me to let it go. As I've gotten older I have less time and enthusiasm for it. Advise car not to be driven as a daily. Still an unfinished project so for someone who wants to invest more time and money they can. Example Bucket seats, harnesses, roll cage. More engine work (Head work, Cam shafts, valve springs, stud head bolts) Lsd diff That would have been my plan.

Mot runs out July 2021 but happy to get another mot done before the sale.

I have a folder full of receipts and paperwork for the car. I originally purchased the car from my friend about 6 years ago he had already forged it and got Toyota to carry out the engine rebuild. Engine has covered no more than 4000 miles tops.

Unsure really what it's worth in this day and age so going to price it at £7000 ono. Pm if interested, I can always take more pictures.

If people think I'm well out please let me know. I saw a Glanza priced at 15k and a Gt mk1 in white for 9.5k with less mods.

No time wasters please.

PX/ Swop not really interested but humour me.














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Hello mate, nice build going for a fair price! If I wasn't with mine I think i'd snap this up pretty sharpish. Good luck with the sale. :)

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On 7/2/2021 at 10:39 AM, Goldie said:

Hello mate, nice build going for a fair price! If I wasn't with mine I think i'd snap this up pretty sharpish. Good luck with the sale. :)

x2, quality build and a very respectable price, I wish you luck with the sale and hope it goes to a good home 👍🏻

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Thank you Trevstar. I want it to go to someone who will appreciate it and continue to look after it. As I have all these years.

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