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Game Im Addicted To... Also, How Farmboy F*cked Up!

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Ha, it's like a goldmine for me. My beedy eyes don't miss things like that. lol. Always on the prowl.

I can imagine how you felt, a moment of panic, then a little smile, "it's ok I'll delete it before everyone sees it".... "shit, he's quoted it, shit, shit, shit.. now the only option is to take it like a man", then a little more panic and shame.

This might spread around the internet and give us great coverage.

Now everyone on UKSC knows your secret fetish. Could have been worse, if it had said "man on man brutal dildo".

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Oh I see, why are you loking up a company who make massive dildo's?

Ohhhhh, I get it. Shit, you want one. I get it now, sorry hope I didn't offend you, we don't discriminate against homosexuals. You and your dildo's are both welcome here.

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PWNAGE of 2010 I believe!!! :)

Whatever rocks your boat bum eh??

I smell foul play using the search bar with one hand while playing with the other...

NEVER leave your google search bar intact evildooers :rolleyes:

:lol: ;)


ps sorry had to.

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Thanks, dildoboy.

Was looking to see if you had cheated in some way.

Atleast it's given you a reason to keep posting today.

I will try to stop now, I admire your courage.

Plenty of other pisstakers i'm sure will pop in though a bit later. It might be a long week for you.

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Farmboy you would be on par with Jesus in the legend department if you put that dildo pic in your avatar space and place a link to this thread saying above it "this is my story of how I became brutal dildo boy", within your sig area aswell.

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