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anyone up for a big get together south east and south west ?

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is any one from south east up for having a south east south west and central meet and have a big get together probs in a month or two so people can plan and get time off work ? not sure of a location but somewhere that can be good for both sides to meet up somewhere in the middle if any one up for it ?

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yeah ive looked in to it and it is basically central for both east and west dude and its both fair for east and west to do abit of a travel so it a fair thing to do but not sure on good location for us to meet their so if you could look into spots for me would be much appreciated dude :)

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Thought I'd best get a list going. If any of you guys dont want to come just say and ill take you of the list so we know amount of people coming to see if its going to be a good turn out or not hopefully it will and invite as many japs as you can :) hope to see you guys their if you are coming just scratch the maybe away :) and if you do have mates coming with jap cars can you say the amount of cars that will be coming with you if any so we can make sure their is room thanks guys :)

1. toyotag2014
2. littlegreenmonster
3. jay85 (maybe)
4. NewbieLewby
5. LukeColby

6. Lewigi

7. chrisholly

8.Starlet-Joshy and mates (maybe)

9.jimmymac101 (maybe)

10.theminiguru (maybe)

11.Beany GT(maybe)

12.Ethanep82 (maybe)

13.turbo Grant (maybe)

14.Lukee (maybe)







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it doesnt look like this is going to happen as their isnt a good number of people going from the looks of it probs another time hopefully this is a shame but hope fully we can all get together soon or if more of you are going to go to the paul walker meet hopefully their will be a better turn out for that meet as their should be a good few hundred cars going to that hope to see a few of you their im trying to sort out a spot for the ukso their :)

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