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Engine jerking/rocking around 2.5k rpm and lower when off throttle

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Well basically car runs fine until I let off the throttle in gear (1st,2nd,3rd) coming to a junction. I've changed my leads, plugs,dizzy cap + rotor arm and is still there plus checked for any leaks and none.

Has anyone had this or a similar problem and solved it because it's racking my brain and can't figure out what it?

It's forged 4e

Hybrid td04

Apexi pfc



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Have you got an AFR gauge?

I've had problems like this with serious over fueling at low RPM and load

I do have a innovate mtx afr but sensor gave up a month or so ago, saying that my brother was following me and when I boot it hard he said the was black smoke not badly but was visible so could be over fuelling but it's strange when I'm cruising or booting it runs a dream just not off throttle in gear?

Il bare that in mind. cheers

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I took the throttle body off and gave it a good clean the other day and is still there?

Also would a lightweight flywheel do anything similar because I did read something on here about the lack of weight could cause it?

Failing that I do have a cheap fpr on it but I've had cheap ones before and they came straight off because we're causing starting probs etc but this one has been fine compared to other cheap ones, I did mention it to tuning developments when I collected the car they said it was fine and didn't cause them any problems. I do have a genuine sard fpr but don't want to fit unless that cheap one is the problem so I don't mess the fueling up.

has no one had similar issues and got to the bottom it because don't really want to go to a garage and them replace loads of parts and problem still there!

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But you just said they had the car and said this didn't affect them. When you got the car back was it doing it?

Yeah that was about the fpr and the car was fine for months after getting it back from them but when was there I mentioned what the fpr was like which I supplied them worked fine so I left it at that.

I'm gonna try calibrating the tps and see how that goes.

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