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  1. Item For Sale: Adjustable actuator. Not sure what its off originally but I ran it on a TD04 and just used the 1 bolt too hold it in. (Bracket would need modifying to use both) Item Condition & Description: Was fine when on the car. Eventually moved to an external setup and then tightened this up so it wouldn't open before the external. Worked fine. Price: £35 inc postage Pictures: Item For Sale: Turbosmart boost tee Item Condition & Description: Used but fine Goes in between wastegate and turbo...turn it up and go faster. Price: £25 inc postage Item For Sal
  2. Really looking forward to seeing what these are like... Run R1R's as daily tyres but wouldn't mind starting to run a separate set of track wheels with something like these on!
  3. Replied to most PM's now, will probably be adding a few more things up for sale shortly as well.
  4. Item For Sale: Front Wishbone Rearmount Polybushes (where the arm mounts into the chassis) (same as this one: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Starlet-EP82-91-Long-Brkt-Front-Arm-Wishbone-Rear-Bush-Kit-SuperPro-Poly-/331404045830?fits=Model%3AStarlet&hash=item4d29386e06:g:0RcAAOSwKrhVbvI5) Condition: More or less new, was in for a short time but replaced it with an anti lift kit, just a bit dirty is all, will get some pictures if someone really wants them. Price: £20 Posted Item For Sale: Evo 7 Recaro's Item Condition & Description: Standard rails welded onto the st
  5. You can remove boost cut/fuel cut, I don't think it can raise the rev limiter without some fiddling.
  6. jimlols

    Rear beam?

    Had a lovely day today and someones decided to smash into the side of my car. Has anyone got a rear beam for sale? and maybe anything that goes with it aswell. Cars running N/A drums but would consider converting it I suppose if I need to!
  7. I follow the groups but gave up really reading or commenting on anything a long time ago. A lot of people on high horses with their own opinions passing it off as fact most the time
  8. Have you got an AFR gauge? I've had problems like this with serious over fueling at low RPM and load
  9. With some decent upgrades its going to be the best way to finish it off; is it worth it without either a turbo or a pretty extensive build? probably not. On the other hand, a piggy back is a very easy way to run a decent turbo build on the standard uk ECU
  10. Edit: Reached a deal and made some new plans with car no longer for sale
  11. Going up on Friday morning with Toff. 3rd year running, excited is an understatement ..Just wish they could put a better show on with the DNB lineups but can't complain massively because there's plenty of other festivals and nights out for that I suppose!
  12. Well its been a LOOOOOOONG time since I updated this thread. No real update as such, the cars been running the standard intake system for quite a while now and I've been focusing heavily on other things such as finishing my degree at university. Recently got the car through its MOT for another year and fitted some Meisters, other than that its just been trying to keep it on the road and working! I'll provide a real update with pictures when I get chance!
  13. Bought some Meister's from brendon. Before I'd even had time to come off the computer he'd booked the postage and sent some pictures of the package. Kept me properly updated with everything. Arrived nicely packaged couple of days later, really can't complain at all easiest purchase I've had off here by a long shot.
  14. Just seen this on the 'Bay and figured I better come have a look on here for a thread to get a better look. Absolutely love it!
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