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  1. Both the Toyota Baltic blue and the BMW techno violet are great colours, nissan bayside blue was another option but although they would look great I think they may be to much on a little starlet? Such a hard decision as it's not a small job lol Thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming
  2. The problem with this is that if it was to get scratched ECT it's a MASSIVE pain to get it fixed properly
  3. Hey everyone, the glanza will be getting a full respray at some point but I am yet to decide on a colour and need some inspiration and help picking out something. Anyone who has done a colour change sjow me what you have got and anyone with ideas let me know please. Was thinking something like the ford st200 storm grey or audi nardo grey but they look a bit to much like primer than paint sometimes. Thanks
  4. Get an me221, they have a group buy at the moment and it plugs direct in to the factory harness
  5. morgan

    FAO: Keri

    Back on track group buy ? 😂
  6. They look perfect mate thanks a lot
  7. So I will be converting to COP soonish but want to know a couple things. 1. What COPs to use ? Seen people use honda k20 ones and also heard there is a toyota one that a lot of mx5 people run. 2. Adapting the rocker cover, what needs to be done? I want them all sitting at the same angle but would think the an10 fittings I have welded in place would make this hard to do ? If anyone has pics of how they have them set up and what ones to use that would be great. Thanks
  8. https://motorsport-electronics.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/103/s/me221-toyota-starlet-glanza-pnp-ecu/ Any questions you have about it just give them a call or email as talking to them on forums may take a while to get back to you, they are busy guys but always happy to help and there ecu is great!
  9. Me221 plugs in the factory connectors and able to be mapped to get the most out of the turbo and car
  10. Rob I have a speedo converter if interested? Not in the best shape but could be helpful to you?
  11. morgan


    What power you running mate ? Turbo ? Ecu ? Forged ?
  12. morgan


    So what are people getting for MPG ? post up your BHP and any other info you have that will affect it. Let's see how good/bad these 1.3's are lol
  13. morgan

    Plug & play ecu

    Get an ME221 mate, well worth it and a lot safer
  14. Mate is currently getting his s14 exhaust done at lightning motorsport, said he see your car there mate. Guys there are top blokes, they do some really good work
  15. Cool, was worries cca was a bit low ? Adzy euros have a 56% off code right now so should be fine once that is added
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