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TD04 not boosting

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So over the last few days leading up to christmas I had my glanza in the garage so I could convert to TD04.

Everything has gone on great, fits well, looks good, thoroughly checked over and I'm just in the stage of setting it up so I can get driving it again until I send her off for ecu and mapping.

The issue I'm having is I'm not getting any boost, the turbo is spooling and chattering but there's no real pressure there, taking it on a short drive round the block there's no boost, just spooling and a quiet chatter. I've used my hks actuator and modified the bracket to suit and ran the vacuum pipes the same as they were on the ct9, from nipple on compressor housing to actuator. I thought the problem was the position of the actuator but in my eyes I don't think that's the problem.

Question 1) Is the vacuum set up correct - From nipple on compressor housing to actuator? Or do I need to run vac lines somewhere else?

I assumed to vac pipe is routed the same as on the ct9

Question 2) I've attached a picture, please can anyone confirm of this is correct - see anything wrong?

Any help is massively appreciated, I'd like to set it up on low boost for now until I get it mapped with supporting fuelling mods.

Air filter is temporary, lol, hand crafted by a good friend as I don't have anything to fit in the tight space for now.

Thanks in advance



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Check the actuator is actually tight enough holding the wastegate closed i had a similar problem when i done my old one and it wasn't closing the wastegate fully thus sounding like it was spooling but not actually creating much pressure as it was leaking out of the wastegate

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Update - boost issue resolved, turns out the bespoke filter was too restrictive, removed the foam and just used the mesh and we are now operating correctly!

Now time to set the boost, I've read 0.6 bar is good for my circumstances - until ecu install and mapping etc. Just got the 255 pump in, waiting on 360cc injectors.

Thanks again


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Thanks guys. Got it set up 0.5 bar stay on the safe side of things. Bring on the next steps. I'm glad to be back in the V I must say, I've been stuck in a daewoo matiz for a few days haha they are dangerous

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