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  1. Hi mate, I have but unfortunately it does not give a true reading when timing up the engine. It does flash, but apparently it has a tendency to drift etc.. So want to get a true reading using an old HT lead to get the timing bang on.
  2. Just need an old one for setting my timing on my standalone. As I have COP setup only accurate way. Threw away my old ones :(
  3. Hi guys, In need of an old HT lead ASAP for the 4EFTE? Just the one if anyone has it lying about? Please just drop a PM Many thanks Nikhil
  4. Bump..... Must be a TB with a 4 pin TPS out there
  5. Hi everyone, Does anyone have an auto 4EFTE throttle body with the 4 pin TPS? (variable resistance type) Need this quite quick Thanks Nikhil
  6. Pay it mate, no way of getting round it, its a tax like many others that you will eventually have to pay
  7. My bad mate, didn't see your post! Both will work
  8. I presume from what you have said above the printer is not a LAN printer and just connects via a lead to the PC. It does not matter if the 2 PC you are using is a Linux box or Windows box providing the correct drivers are installed. You can achieve what you want with some like this... https://www.amazon.co.uk/USB-2-0-Manual-Switch-Peripherals/dp/B005LMX0IG/ref=pd_cp_computers_0 But if a LAN printer you can just share across network and job done Nikhil
  9. The Glanza is almost ready back for the road and to get another map! Pic before I took it off the road read for the new turbo kit, uprated ARP headbolts, TD uprated valve springs, head rebuild and a port on the exhaust side. Front and rear crank seals have both been replaced as they were leaking after mapping. Got the head off and down to the the machine shop for a rebuild and an exhaust port. Has been matched with the gasket size... Head off, surface cleaned up and new Athena gasket placed down with ARP headbolts. Head bolted back up Good as new Where I stand now... Pretty much everything bolted up, just need a new headlight as the clip has snapped, new engine oil, engine coolant, exhaust fitted up and ready for mapping hoping for 370hp+
  10. Hi mate thanks for the info, if I have any questions I will be sure to get in touch
  11. Hi guys, Looking for a Glanza driver side headlight with no snapped clips etc...decent condition. If you have a pic, upload an image so I can have a look Thanks Nikhil
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