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  1. Who bought the silver glanza today from haile in Cumbria? 
  2. Gt parcel shelf

    Gt parcel shelf wanted, un cut if possible
  3. Td04 and water and oil lines

    All sorted now thanks!
  4. Td04/td05 downpipe/decat

    Yeah just keeping options open
  5. Td04/td05 downpipe/decat

    Still for sale?
  6. Td04 side exit

    Td04 side exit wanted
  7. Td04 and water and oil lines

    WANTED water and oil pipes and a td04 or tf035
  8. Cyanidesid

    Great seller, items posted immediately with a 48 hour courier, the parts were that well wrapped I've saved the packaging for moving house, cheers mate!
  9. Rear drivers calliper

    Looking for a rear drivers Side calliper, must be in good working order. Cheers! 😊
  10. When will someone make a rear brake upgrade? 😭

    no I haven't I went to but it feels like the handbrake mech is broken as it clicks and then goes free when it's worked New ones cost a fortune and I think I need a new piston, it doesn't work at all not even on the foot pedal
  11. I'm tired of having poor hand brake efficiency and one brake working better than the other, is there one out there? Or na?
  12. Radio harness wires

    Can anyone help me with what wires do what on the Radio harness? Some moron has cut the plugs off 😡
  13. To much boost not enough fuel!

    It has a fuel pressure regulator
  14. To much boost not enough fuel!

    I'm not sure how would I go about this? It's booked on a rolling road tomorrow to sort it bit I was hoping to get somewhere near before I took it