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  1. Toms 98 Glanza V

    1.3 bar rad cap now on, next up i think is a nice fresh half rad  Also been getting the car ready for modified nationals next weekend, given it a 2 stage polish and removed the swirls and now also  appparently reflects quite well   
  2. Toms 98 Glanza V

    New front brake kit went on today aswell as fresh near brake disks, pads and bearings Also fitted the new steering wheel and boss and sorted the resistor for the airbag light  Now ready for a few shows but unfortunately didnt book for japfest tomorrow 
  3. Steering wheel boss kit resistor

    Just put the boss and steering wheel on Its the 2 red wires on the resistor you need to use for this kit if anyone needs to know for future 
  4. Steering wheel boss kit resistor

    Thats what im using google translate app 
  5. Steering wheel boss kit resistor

    Started my japanese homework 
  6. Steering wheel boss kit resistor

    Yes good idea ! Ill give it a go 
  7. Steering wheel boss kit resistor

    Ok thanks, i do have passenger air bag, will all wires from the resistor need plugging into the conector if possible if thats the case ? 
  8. Toms 98 Glanza V

    Got my new hkb steering wheel boss today, bit unsure with it, anyone able to shed any light for me please ?  Made a post in the electronics section  
  9. Toms 98 Glanza V

    Cheers mate getting there slowly
  10. Steering wheel boss kit resistor

    Not sure if this is the right place but, Got my hkb steering wheel boss in the post today with airbag cancelling resistor Obviously instructions are in japanese and dont understand a word of it  The resistor has 2 black and 2 red wires coming from the resistor The instructions show only 2 wires plugging into the air bag connector (im guessing the 2 red wires from the drawing ?) Are the 2 black left and taped up ?  Has anyone else fitted the hkb resistor boss kit and able to tell me which wires to use ?  Thanks   
  11. Toms 98 Glanza V

    Had a nice big delivery today from mike at tuning developments, great service as always   Also a few more bits in the post from else where and waiting for them to get to me 
  12. Rear brake disks won’t come off

    Ill be putting new brakes on each corner on mine soon, does anyone know the torque settings for the rears as they have the bearings ?  Thanks 
  13. Toms 98 Glanza V

    Cheers guys, still not finished yet, always something to do !!
  14. Toms 98 Glanza V

    Finally had the front lip bonded on and fitted the rear lip, looks much better now! 
  15. Membership renewal

    Just managed to pay now, issue must be sorted Thanks