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  1. Scotty2009

    Clean Glanza/starlet Turbo wanted

    Hi Chops, do you have any pictures please? Could you email them to scotty_021@hotmail.co.uk. Thank you.
  2. Scotty2009

    Clean Glanza/starlet Turbo wanted

    As the title, I’m after a body wise original and clean Glanza v or starlet turbo. I’m wanting decent power but stock looking car. I’m upping my budget to see what’s on offer. I have a couple in mind but South Yorkshire or somewhere near there would be better. Anything considered, up to £6,000.
  3. Scotty2009

    Glanza for sale on Facebook

    Yes, Calum122 your right. I’m not going to rush into it. I’m hoping to keep this one. I’ve had 3 lovely examples so I won’t be happy unless I find another nice one. Turns out this white one on Facebook isn’t forged so beware if anyone is considering it. I phoned the engine services he has invoices for. It only had an engine rebuild using standard parts.
  4. Scotty2009

    Clean Glanza or Starlet Turbo

    I have had a look around at what is on offer but I’m wanting a really clean example. I have seen Harry’s black one. I love it but £8,000 is way too much for me. Anything considered if you pm me.
  5. Hi crispyeel, I’m looking at a Glanza for sale on Facebook. Just looking through because I know the car is from Scotland. Is it your old car? It looks like your profile picture. 

  6. Scotty2009

    Glanza for sale on Facebook

    Thank you Calum122, yes that’s very true. It’s just hard to find projects that are local to you. I always try look for good body work. Like you say the mechanics are always fixable. I think the car is originally from Scotland, just makes me uneasy the guy selling it isn’t the owner. He’s just recovered and selling it on.
  7. Does anybody know if this is a decent buy? I work for Toyota so will be fixing it myself. Just wanting to know if any of you know this car or used to own it? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1340546369407396
  8. Scotty2009

    Clean Glanza or Starlet Turbo

    I’m after a clean example, with sensible mods (around 170-200hp) I’m open to other cars but my budget is tight at around £3,500. I’m in South Yorkshire so the less to travel the better. Thank you in advance for reading my post.
  9. Scotty2009

    Cheap Glanza/starlet Turbo project

    As stated I'm looking under £2000 if I can I just want one that needs engine or box work. I'm in the South Yorkshire area but willing to travel for the right car.
  10. Scotty2009

    WANTED: Glanza seat belt buckles

    I could get you two brand new ones for £30 + postage unless you want to collect from Sheffield area
  11. Scotty2009

    98 spec front door cards in really good condition.

    Hi could you pm me if you do have done rich dog?
  12. Scotty2009

    98 spec front door cards in really good condition.

    Got any pics? My email is scotty_021@hotmail.co.uk. Where are you based?
  13. I need some original (no cuts) 98 spec door cards for my Glanza v. In the South Yorkshire area of possible
  14. Si described the seats as mint. I've been to a lot of people who say 'mint' but this guy stick to his work. I've had a deal with Si before and would recommend him to anyone, selling or buying.
  15. Scotty2009

    98 spec from seats or full interior

    Cash waiting for best condition 98 spec font seats, can swap or p/X my celica gen 7 seats if your interested but cash if not