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  1. Can you send me more pics of the rad and does it come with everything?
  2. toyotag2014

    genuine Toyota ep82 mid spoiler

    Dis this sell
  3. toyotag2014

    Modified Yaris tte/Remus exhaust

    Intested mate you still got it
  4. toyotag2014

    Zisco top mount td/vf turbo kit

    Can you pm me on fb geeza I can't seem to message you
  5. toyotag2014

    CT9/CT-frame top mount manifold kit..!!!

    Are you still making these and what's the price shipped to UK will need fitment for ct9 hybrid and I'll be running an arc tmic
  6. toyotag2014

    Role call of owners in the South East

    What bits you got mate
  7. toyotag2014


    Speakers arrived wrapped really well great price quick with sending and look amazing thanks geeza
  8. toyotag2014

    Mk1 gt snow edition project

    Gotta be done mate got to love starlets :)
  9. toyotag2014

    Mk1 gt snow edition project

    Got some new old school JDM speakers on the way some carrozzeria JDM white led speakers gonna look quality with the glow badge aswell
  10. toyotag2014

    Mk1 gt snow edition project

    New wheels I've got coming on the way volk 5/4s been after these wheels for the past 4 years I think of nagging the owner of them and he has finally decided to sell them to me after all this time result so happy I finally got the wheels I wanted :)
  11. toyotag2014

    Mk1 gt snow edition project

    Owww haha fair play looked smart you still got a gt?
  12. Can't wait for these
  13. I'll take these