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  1. Hi, has anyone by any chance fitted these bucket seats in a glanza ? I can't seem to find these locally, so before ordering from abroad I wanted to check if someone fitted these in their glanza. Not sure if these will fit such a small car to be honest Appreciate any feedback !
  2. Running a td04 on 1 bar with stock injectors. Should be fine for the power you're looking for.
  3. Mine started slipping immediately on the standard clutch. Went with the Helix paddle clutch, not bad at all for daily use.
  4. Bought mine from the group buy, but still haven't fitted it yet. Hope it works :P
  5. If I were you I'd get an fpr just to be safe. Plus if you do you can run it on 1bar boost. Obviously need an FCD for that. Been running with this setup for a while now myself. :)
  6. Maxep

    Blitz ecu Glanza ep91

    Got a SARD one if you're interested :)
  7. These look similar. http://www.rotashop.co.uk/rota-grid-max_c33741_23819163.htm
  8. Also had an NA box in my glanza, shorter gears for sure, but revs were just fine.
  9. I personally use a Helix sprung paddle clutch and found it to be fine for road use. I know for sure that some people over here use it for 300bhp+ .
  10. Will send the rest of the payment today. For the people that bought the additional connecting wires, I believe we already paid for em in the initial order ey? Cheers
  11. Don't think you will really feel that big of a difference, unless you dyno it and see the numbers . But yeah as the others said, up it to 1bar and see that it's fueling good. Also if you're going to up the boost, you'll probably need a bigger intercooler. I ran a td04 for a while on a P&P (Sard) and it fueled perfectly, only removed it because of the 8500 rev limit..
  12. Maxep

    8K9 Glanza V

    Own an 8k9 glanza myself mate, love the colour. Good luck with the sale! FreeBump!
  13. Hi, Have you still got a set for the glanza V in black?
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