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  1. Levin twin pot hubs

    Thanks guys. I think I’ll stick to the celica one.
  2. Levin twin pot hubs

    I am not sure if this has been posted before, however I’m getting a set of twin pot calipers together with the hub. Does the hub bolt on to the Ep82 or are there some mods needed?
  3. Ep82 ecu

    I’ll check on that. I got a 4efte glanza V engine but without the harness and ecu. I got an ep82 harness and the glanza ecu, however a friend of mine has the EP82 ecu and is willing to give it to me since he is using an aftermarket one. Are there any bypasses to be done if am going with this setup?
  4. Ep82 ecu

    Can an ep82 ecu work with an ep91 4efte engine? 
  5. FMIC mounting

    Hehehe you from kenya too Bro? Am from mombasa. Our temperatures range between 26 - 30 degrees with a feel of upto 32 degrees. Let me check on the thread. Mine is an ep82.
  6. FMIC mounting

    2.5" core
  7. FMIC mounting

    Is it possible to install a front mount and not remove the air conditioning system? Realy cant survive the heat at times in my location.
  8. So i have a friend of mine who went ahead and messed up his air fuel ratio on his carb 4ef. Any ideas on how to set it back to normal?
  9. 3sgte 3rd gen

    There is one NA just rotting away in town. Il try follow it up. Would be a killer and converting it to RWD. So best is to just upgrade the 4efte
  10. 3sgte 3rd gen

    So i got a realy good offer on a 3sgte 3rd gen engine. Two injectors not firing and needs a new turbo. Is it possible to fit it in the EP82 and if yes what is needed and what mods are to be done?
  11. Rear wheel conversion

    How did it go?? The rear wheel ep82 are so rare.
  12. Has anyone tried doing a rear wheel conversion to an ep82 4 door??
  13. Supercharged 4efte

    Sure will do so. Im more into the turbo. Its ongoing once its done gone upload. Converting a 4door ep82 from NA to turbo
  14. Vitz rs rear calipers

    Oh okay. Il go check them out and will update. Thanks buddy
  15. Supercharged 4efte

    Hy guys. Need some advice on supercharging a 4efte. A friend of mine wants to supercharge his. Is it worth for a 1.3 engine??