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    Cars. I quite like going to trackdays and car meets, meeting new people and exchanging ideas on how to make the car a tad faster, or add something that benefits the engine.

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  1. Hi there, I was wondering what the 4E-FTE's maximum power is on stock internals? I'm planning to put a TD04 in one.
  2. I love the decals on this, great car!
  3. That car won't let you down if it's been looked after well. The Starlet is a really reliable little car.
  4. Will be cool to see an EP95 on the roads
  5. Ok, sad news. Turns out my Pistons rings failed on me. So the engine part of the project will be set aside for a while, and I'm gonna focus on suspension stuff. What's gonna happen now is an attempt at a 4E-FTE swap project. In other news though, I've sourced out an anti roll bar to swap in. (Yes, I'm aware of the Glanza drop links you have to swap in too. )
  6. I'm also wanting to make more power but also wanting to keep the car N/A. I'm just thinking I could just take a few parts from the 4E-FTE, Port the intake and *attempt* to find performance cams. I've already got a corolla intake manifold and a Japspeed De-cat exhaust system waiting to be put in. The Japspeed in theory should sound like a constipated hippo but surprisingly makes a decent noise and helps at the high end a bit.
  7. Would definitely recommend Meister R Coilovers suspension-wise. Reasonably priced and excellent to drive.
  8. This is my 1997 Toyota Starlet Sportif! I bought this quite a while back, only recently have I thought of what to do with it. Make it into a track car! First thing's first, I've already stripped the rear interior into bare metal (aside from the roof) for weight reduction, next thing on the list is a Corolla intake manifold.
  9. Absolutley epic build! Just one question, where did you get that cone filter that bolts on directly to the intake mani? One of them would do wonders for my engine.
  10. Welcome to the forum! by the way a suggestion I would make is to look around for a corolla G6 intake mani, they're cheap and give you a little more hp + torque. I have a 1997 too, and I've recently found one in a breakers yard not too far away.
  11. The G6 Corolla manifold swap is really for people with the N/A Starlets. It gives them more torque and power.
  12. Hey, all. I'm looking for someone to help me find a good exhaust system that has a nice sound to it, and delivers good engine efficiency. I've already located a nice G6 Corolla intake manifold, now all I need is a nice exhaust. Any help would be much appreciated.
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