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  1. crossflow

    5efhe tuninig

    Thanks for that
  2. crossflow

    5efhe tuninig

    Would be nice if you could link to a few photos of the usdm heads at all??
  3. crossflow

    Bigger CV joints

    Hi I'm looking to see is there any toyota cv joints in its range that will fit the starlet to upgrade it. Currently have a problem splitting cv joints and getting tired of changing halfshafts.
  4. crossflow

    5efhe tuninig

    I've personally done some tuning to these engine and they respond very well. I have done cams and proper solid lifters for them. Pushing 145bhp on a turbo inlet manifold and std cynos 4-2-1 manifold all still on a standard bottom end. My series regulations mean it has to stay n/a.
  5. Hi looking for an inlet manifold with throttle body, doesnt need to have the tps sensor on the throttle body. Closer to derby the better
  6. crossflow

    Valve stem oil seal recommendations

    Oem ones are the best fit and last the longest, next best is victor reinz ones after that i wouldn't look at the rest out there. You pay for what you get.
  7. I'm looking for a complete front shock assembly with top mount off either a turbo or n/a left or right dont mind. Must be on standard spring and don't mind if the shock has had it. Just need it to get dimensions and lengths for a project. Closer to derby the better
  8. crossflow

    5e or 5efhe standard rods and pistons

  9. crossflow

    5e or 5efhe standard rods and pistons

  10. crossflow

    5e or 5efhe standard rods and pistons

    Looking for 5e or 5efhe rods and pistons. Could be a few people about with these due to turbo builds
  11. crossflow

    Fuel pressure question

    No problem just trying to fin out info and thought someone might know thats all.
  12. crossflow

    Fuel pressure question

    Just looking for info really not going to be messing with the pressure yet, just noticed the injectors respond well to pressure increases that all and didnt know what pressure the reg increased to with vacuum
  13. Hi hope someone can help me. I know the standard fuel pressure is 2.3bar correct me if im wrong but what does it go upto with the vacuum from the manifold at high revs??
  14. crossflow

    Ae111 6 speed bellhousing case question

    No I meant can I use the bellhouse casing from the 5 speed na on the 6speed to have the right bolt pattern for the engine