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  1. 4E-FTE oli filter consol and water/termostat housing

    Got the thermostate here
  2. Breaking EP91 Glanza

    Alternator Fcd Oil pump Oil filter new Few standard bits like dash centre console Clutch is left
  3. Breaking EP91 Glanza

    Sorry sold not much left mainly just standard bits now
  4. Silver bonnet and Drivers Door

    Got a door black though
  5. Dial surround & heater/blower controls

  6. EP91 glanza door window runners/rubbers

  7. Knock Sensor Fully Working

    One here kicking round somewhere
  8. Wanted: LH Front speed sensor / ABS-cable

    One here drop me a message
  9. EP91 Parts

    Pmd list updated
  10. EP82 front wishbones/arms

    Got driverside here
  11. EP91 Parts

    List updated Also got FCD optional extra flare with clips
  12. Uprated clutch

    One here spec puk 6
  13. Fuel filler cap

  14. Hazard light switch, coilovers

    Fiver posted
  15. Hazard light switch, coilovers

    If same as a ep91 hazards switch I have one