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  1. *sean_glanza_v*

    4E-FTE oli filter consol and water/termostat housing

    Got the thermostate here
  2. *sean_glanza_v*

    Breaking EP91 Glanza

    Alternator Fcd Oil pump Oil filter new Few standard bits like dash centre console Clutch is left
  3. *sean_glanza_v*

    Breaking EP91 Glanza

    Sorry sold not much left mainly just standard bits now
  4. *sean_glanza_v*

    Silver bonnet and Drivers Door

    Got a door black though
  5. *sean_glanza_v*

    Dial surround & heater/blower controls

  6. *sean_glanza_v*

    EP91 glanza door window runners/rubbers

  7. *sean_glanza_v*

    Knock Sensor Fully Working

    One here kicking round somewhere
  8. *sean_glanza_v*

    Wanted: LH Front speed sensor / ABS-cable

    One here drop me a message
  9. *sean_glanza_v*

    EP91 Parts

    Pmd list updated
  10. *sean_glanza_v*

    EP82 front wishbones/arms

    Got driverside here
  11. *sean_glanza_v*

    EP91 Parts

    List updated Also got FCD optional extra flare with clips
  12. *sean_glanza_v*

    Uprated clutch

    One here spec puk 6
  13. *sean_glanza_v*

    Fuel filler cap

  14. *sean_glanza_v*

    Hazard light switch, coilovers

    Fiver posted
  15. *sean_glanza_v*

    Hazard light switch, coilovers

    If same as a ep91 hazards switch I have one