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  1. Just a few of my favourite pics of the Starlet. Pity I can’t keep it clean  in this weather!
  2. Sr Owners Register

    Car has been owned by a few members on this forum. Owner: Darragh McStravick Owned since: July 2017 Vehicle Reg: S824 GCG Mileage: 93k miles Colour: 1AO quicksilver Year: 1999 Modifications: 40mm Apex lowering springs6" Pioneer speakersCD/AUX Kenwood headunitClear front inicatorsClear side indicatorsOEM cupholdersDe-wipered at rearJap number plates
  3. New Starlet!!

    Tbh not sure what front seats I'm going to put in. Thanks for the heads up though! I'll definitely have a look at a pair of gen 7 celica seats! 👍🏻
  4. New Starlet!!

    Yea the red one was a tidy little car but was hitting 140,000 miles whereas the sr has only 90,000.
  5. Definitely would be interested! 👍🏻
  6. New Starlet!!

    Cheers mate will do! 😀
  7. New Starlet!!

    I'm looking to put in a glanza 98 spec interior into it along with a leather steering wheel. Also a corolla inlet manifold wouldn't go amiss! Trying to keep the exterior mods as subtle as possible.
  8. New Starlet!!

  9. New Starlet!!

    So yesterday I said my goodbyes to my old 1998 red Toyota Starlet S and said hello to my new 1999 SILVER Starlet SR! Absolutely over the moon and looking forward to many years of motoring with it!! Spotless little car.
  10. New Member

    Some better pics as the last ones were a bit fuzzy.
  11. New Member

    Well everyone! Just saying a quick hello to all members of the forum. Just bought myself a little 1998 Starlet S and am looking forward to getting some info and advice when I save some money to give it some tlc! Surprisingly only 1 owner from new!! Speedlines are the only addition of late but hopefully more to follow soon.