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  1. 5e nearly ready to roar couple of weeks new map and a spin on the rollers ahead
  2. How much can standard internals take?

    Posted elsewhere but tired engines don't take to boost too well!
  3. Ringlands dead?

    My efte was breathing a bit, a bar of boost soon sorted it out!
  4. I've got a 16 plate 220 diesel manual 'sport' black on black leather as my daily can't fault it but should have got the auto! It's time is up and I can't find another (got it pre reg so at a discount) merc not letting them go cheap so having to get a golf r . Just one thing don't leave the merc sitting around I didn't use it for a couple of weeks and the handbrake sized on seems discs rust up real quick
  5. New paint

  6. New paint

    Had spare set of buddies repainted Toyota nebula blue
  7. EP 91 glanza carbon wings and bonnet

  8. EP91 Glanza V drivers door hinges

    That would be great.
  9. EP91 Glanza V drivers door hinges

    Seem previous owner hadn't heard of silicon grease and hinges have worn on my ep91 anyone got any serviceable drivers door hinges?
  10. New, s/h anyone?

  12. OEM style Carbon Glanza bonnet

    Are these still being made?
  13. Tuning Developments feedback

    Fuel rail delivered next day would recommend!
  14. White Glanza Carbon Wings A13

    Was in black merc Glanza's poorly at the moment waiting on 5e from tracknroad and delivery from WEPR should be around in June
  15. Turning onto Canvey Saturday pm.