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  1. Tonybanks or Keltec, Both in Leeds and both highly rated, I was quoted £350 for a full 3" mandrel bent stainless exhaust from the decat back with a custom backbox by Keltec.
  2. After a pair of these with the bolts for them, No rusty scrap.
  3. Congrats! Quite excited to get my stickers. I like the idea of limited runs! Should do more of them.
  4. Seen the exact same guy selling the box on the facebook pages and exactly the same thing happening, Bet he's made a pretty penny ripping people off. Seen him trying to sell a roll cage that looks like its been welded up by stevie wonder
  5. Ryncewind


    You wont be disappointed, The thing is mint!
  6. Sure does! Are you having the inside painted too?
  7. You do indeed, I believe you need... 0 for cars 50 for parts 150 for a breaking post
  8. Ryncewind


    Message Siwfc, He's got one
  9. I love mine in yellow, I don't think I'd have it any other colour!
  10. Some good progress! Whats next for it then mate?
  11. Empty a bag of big nuts into it and shake it around then tip them out and clean them and repeat. That's what i did with my RX7 fuel tank and it was sweet afterwards!
  12. All is sorted now! Thanks
  13. Too far to be doing that again so soon lol!
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