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  1. Low idle!!

    It’s a new issue mate, thanks for the advice I’ll see if it helps
  2. Low idle!!

    My engine seems to be idling very low even 250rpm where it seems hesitant to cut out... the oil light blips when the revs get too low, any advice? 
  3. Negative wire on the coil pack

    Sorted it mate it ended up being the other wire aha! Only issue I’m having is my after market taco reads around 300rpm higher than my actual taco on the clocks lol
  4. Negative wire on the coil pack

    Aha thank you! I’ve tried one of them and no luck so it’s gotta be the other lol! Cheers mates 
  5. Signal wire for after market taco

    Hello, really need help, I’ve fed all the wiring for my taco power and earth etc, I’m now looking for a source of signal on my ep91 glanza, can anybody help me please and tell me where I can get the signal feed so I’m able to use my aftermarket taco thank you!
  6. Negative wire on the coil pack

    What colour wire was it Toby? As I’m planning on doing the same thing to mine today and I don’t want to run in to any issues lol, rather know what wires I’m going to be chopping in too!  thanks 
  7. Mats ep91

    New wheel and shifter now in
  8. Mats ep91

    She’s on!!
  9. HELP!!

    Okay guys I know this one might be really simple for you but what is the size for the 2 bolts that hold down the middle section of your rear strut brace to the bot floor, can’t seem to get the right thread type anywhere...     thabks in advance!
  10. Mats ep91

    Even got some nice photos of her!
  11. Mats ep91

    Fitted my new mirror yesterday, the field of vision is now fantastic! 
  12. Mats ep91

    It’s a glanza mate 
  13. Mats ep91

    found some photos of the rear end, I honestly think it looks lovely! 
  14. Mats ep91

    Also it’s always nice to meet up with fellow owners! Here a photo of my buddy’s V, both from Doncaster! I’ll get a better photo of the rear end in the light for everyone to have a look at! :-)
  15. Mats ep91

    Also had the tints, sunstrip and fog lights done yesterday morning! Some more little touches to give her some character!