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  1. Mats ep91

    She’s on!!
  2. HELP!!

    Okay guys I know this one might be really simple for you but what is the size for the 2 bolts that hold down the middle section of your rear strut brace to the bot floor, can’t seem to get the right thread type anywhere...     thabks in advance!
  3. Mats ep91

    Even got some nice photos of her!
  4. Mats ep91

    Fitted my new mirror yesterday, the field of vision is now fantastic! 
  5. Mats ep91

    It’s a glanza mate 
  6. Mats ep91

    found some photos of the rear end, I honestly think it looks lovely! 
  7. Mats ep91

    Also it’s always nice to meet up with fellow owners! Here a photo of my buddy’s V, both from Doncaster! I’ll get a better photo of the rear end in the light for everyone to have a look at! :-)
  8. Mats ep91

    Also had the tints, sunstrip and fog lights done yesterday morning! Some more little touches to give her some character! 
  9. Mats ep91

    And also guys there isn’t exactly a colour code with the paint work lol, it’s a hybrid paint colour, Cadbury’s candy purple mixed with monsoon blue, I’d has come out rather well mind! I’ll get plenty of photos for people to see and also with the smoothed boot lid! Not everyone’s cup of tea I will agree however it looks lovely in person :)
  10. Mats ep91

    I’ll get some photos uploaded for you dude
  11. Mats ep91

    Cheers mate!
  12. Mats ep91

    Don’t think I could’ve personally decided on a better colour choice now she’s in the light! And yes, I know about my badge lol 
  13. Mats ep91

    She’s now in paint! Just needs the lacquer on today then rebuild her back up tomorrow! 
  14. Mats ep91

    Also managed to get a cheeky new external wastegate manifold that I will be fitting after Christmas! So currently stood about but it’s in my possession! :)
  15. Mats ep91

    Quick update! Managed to get my hands on a jam spoiler! Set back theblaint process but we’re all in primer now and ready for the first coat!!