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  1. Mats ep91

    Also managed to get a cheeky new external wastegate manifold that I will be fitting after Christmas! So currently stood about but it’s in my possession! :)
  2. Mats ep91

    Quick update! Managed to get my hands on a jam spoiler! Set back theblaint process but we’re all in primer now and ready for the first coat!! 
  3. Mats ep91

    I think they look more like a micra in my opinion lol! However I’m removing that one JDM aspect but adding more to it so its balancing it out if you’ve get where I’m coming from :)
  4. Mats ep91

    But taking in to account the custom exhaust on the number with twin exit and also the jam spoiler it’ll completely change the look of the rear end, shuttle and aggressive is the look I’m trying to achieve, and with a custom colour on the paint it’ll look good! I’m eager to get it done myself and see the finished product 
  5. Mats ep91

    I suppose opinions are opinions dude, I just want to try and go for something different, something that’s not going to ruin the car but change the look alittle bit, I’ve only really seen one example of it done and I think it looked lovely! All will be revealed once it’s done I suppose! I just want to have a unique car aha!
  6. Mats ep91

    The sill is now welded up and ready go last a few more miles ahead! Just needs a little tidy before it gets a fresh cost of paint now! 
  7. Mats ep91

    I’ve also been doing alittle work to then engine bay started the job of making it that little bit cleaner! 
  8. Mats ep91

    So some updates on my little gem, I’ve managed to get my hands on a jam spoiler and I’m in the process of smoothing out my boot lid for a clean yet aggressive look! 
  9. Mats ep91

    Quick update, decided to start doing some bits to the engine bay, my rocker cover was really showing its age and needed a good bit of tlc, what do you guys think!?
  10. White ep91 Glanza

    Knew I’d find you haha! Saw you again leaving a meet at the dome Asda the other night too!
  11. Mats ep91

    Ahhh no way! Well at least it shows you look after it! What do you use as a daily?
  12. Mats ep91

    Cheers dude! I wanted to go for a different look rather than just the single exit! Rather suits the car to be honest! And we will have to meet up at some point for sure!
  13. Nice Glanza spotted at lakeside car meet in Doncaster tonight! Spoke alittle too the owner, nice guy! If you see rid thread I'll add you on Facebook dude!
  14. kp62 5 door

  15. Kp61 Starlet