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  1. Power washing the engine & bay?

    Buy cheap multi-surface cleaner from your local discount shop for 99p a litre. Spray on and scrub off with some water. If it is good enough for your kitchen then your engine will be fine. Also works on wheels too. Unless you want to spend a fortune and brag to your mates about how much you spent on cleaning your engine
  2. Fuel Gauge and Low Warning Light

  3. Fuel Gauge and Low Warning Light

  4. Fuel Gauge and Low Warning Light

    I have not long had the Starlet and to be honest it is a great little whip for work. The car is running a dream but I have noticed the fuel gauge behaves a little odd. If I fill it up it takes awhile to get to half then it seems to empty really quickly. But I struggle to fill it up with more than 38 litres and the warning light as never illuminated. Firstly does the low warning light illuminate (I know it is there as you can see the "shadow" in the clocks)? Are the gauges know for ready odd or is the tank a weird shape? Ta Ian
  5. Standard Steel Wheels

    Thank you.
  6. Standard Steel Wheels

    Cardiff for work. Living in Risca. :-)
  7. Standard Steel Wheels

    WANTED Does anyone in South Wales have any standard steel alloys and tyres for a 1998 Starlet please? Thanks Ian
  8. Clock Conversion : Starlet n/a to Starlet SR cluster.

    I have a UK S reg 1.3 NA. It does not have an RPM gauge, just speedo, temp and fuel. What other clocks fit without chopping any cables? Thanks
  10. Wheel Fitment Guide

    I thought this maybe useful.
  11. Electrical Sensors

    As I am new to the Satrlet/Glanza but finding my feet slowly. I have had a problem with the fan sensor switch and finding the correct single wire type I require for my S reg Starlet. Luke at Import Car Parts was a star and helped out and identified the correct one in seconds. For anyone else who is in the same boat here is a good page for reference.
  12. 1998 Starlet

    Were in Dorset butty? Pictures please.
  13. Hello to all !!!

    Guten tag. Wie gehts? Welcome from another newbie.
  14. 1998 Starlet

    Hullo? Mirror sorted.
  15. Good day to you all.

    Yes it is a JDM Spec B GT 2.0l twinscroll. My second one to be honest and the only future mod would be a UK H6 6 speed and diff.