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  1. Rear driver side caliper

  2. Rear driver side caliper

    got a link ? :p
  3. Rear driver side caliper

    does anyone know where to buy a brand new rear drivers side caliper for glanza v Cheers 
  4. Just a quick post to see what alloys look good on a glanza v 
  5. My wheel bearing keeps going...

    just got new bearing in from idworkz see how she goes for now 
  6. Ep91 Wheel hub

    There anywhere who sells abs brand new or anything ??
  7. Ep91 Wheel hub

    Anyone help me out on where i can buy a new rh front hub from cheers.
  8. My wheel bearing keeps going...

    Deffo mate 
  9. My wheel bearing keeps going...

    Same person doing it had them changed about twice in the last 6 months all on the same side front rh side? im guessing it is the talk settings if anything? 
  10. My wheel bearing keeps going...

    no its the front mate
  11. My wheel bearing keeps going...

    As the title says my ep91 wheel bearing keeps on going every 6 weeks but not sure why its doing so. anyone had experiences like this or similar ?