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  1. Glanza_v9797

    Will these fit ?

    Hello I was just wondering if these wheels would fit my glanza ? Size is:15x8/4x100/et20 https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/brands/xxr-wheels/xxr-530-15x8-4x100-4x114-3-et20-wheels-matt-black.html
  2. Glanza_v9797

    Got a new lsd

    Thanks for the info
  3. Glanza_v9797

    Got a new lsd

    I was just wondering if the drive shafts will be the same from a non lsd gearbox to then swapping the trd lsd into the car ?
  4. Glanza_v9797

    glanza headlights

    Okay thanks
  5. Glanza_v9797

    glanza headlights

    Hello i was just wondering have Toyota stopped making the right hand side units cause i can seem to find them new anywhere ??
  6. Glanza_v9797

    weather strips and door seals

    Hello I don't suppose anyone has a link to the front door weather strips and the door seals for a ep91 glanza cheers
  7. Glanza_v9797

    White Glanza V Malton Road

    Long time ago but could of been me around that time of year myn is also a s reg
  8. Glanza_v9797

    Outside storage

    Just a quick little question does anyone know the best way to store my glanza on the drive over winter ?
  9. Glanza_v9797

    any starlet owners york, north yorkshire ? or close

    Near scarbrough here
  10. Glanza_v9797

    Help! Strange noise

    Would it go away once they were warm ?? Seems to disappear but can faintly hear it when cruising at about 30
  11. Glanza_v9797

    Help! Strange noise

    Hello all I was just wondering why does my car make a annoying buzzing sound when accelerating after been started?? But it goes away when it is warm ??
  12. Glanza_v9797

    engine Noise

    al try it
  13. Glanza_v9797

    engine Noise

    yeah pretty tight but i have suspicions that it could be the water pump on its way out it feels and looks a bit wet
  14. Glanza_v9797

    Forged build

    I will check them out never heard of them
  15. Glanza_v9797

    engine Noise

    Not sure how to explain the noise my engine makes other than a tapping belt like sound from cold on acceleration but when its warm it makes a squeaking sound while idling at hot and i have just had aux and alternator belts changed??