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  1. atlex

    New Harlot EP91 Owner

    Those are 3PMSF (well-rated for snow tyres) so this should be a beast come winter :-)
  2. atlex

    New Harlot EP91 Owner

    I've got one better... and it's 4wd and still a toyota A Toyota Sprinter Carib.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1996-Toyota-Carib-1-8i-4WD/153217300222 Looks like the harlot will be up for sale soon !
  3. atlex

    New Harlot EP91 Owner

    I'm a daddy now and I'm now looking for a larger car. The spec ? It needs to work with the sprint fart 4x100 wheels. So far, people have suggested a honda civic 1.6 aerodeck estate, I've also thought of a honda jizz or nissan bloat... or mk3 golf estate Any other suggestions - takes 4x100, 15", 4 doors, good rear seat space and a big-ish boot... ? I'd love a starlet with a large boot .. another foot would make all the difference, is there anything like that ? Suggestions welcome, other than ones to get a car that takes different wheels. lol. I have 6 sets of 4x100 15" wheels.. and I'm kinda attached to them.
  4. atlex

    Starlet good first car?

    Toyota build cars that are simple and over-engineered. Just keep up regular servicing.
  5. atlex

    New Harlot EP91 Owner

    the chassis is in great condition but the body panels have all been "learner drivered" by someone with little experience - and rattle-canned back to silver ;-) I love the sprint farts but I really want to get them refurbed one day. They are one of my favourite wheels. So light. So stylish.
  6. These aren't that effective in engines since a lot of the wear is non-magnetic material (bearing material especially). The best thing is spending more on good filters like Mann or Mahle/Knecht or OEM. They are more effective in gearbox/diffs for sure.. There's almost purely magnetic particles there and no filter.
  7. atlex

    New Harlot EP91 Owner

    Actually flushed the heater matrix. It's improved the full heat :-) Fitted some centre caps with nice decals - I think Sprint Hart wheels are some of the best to ever come out of japan. Still loving this car. Tempted to put it on SSR Mesh come summer.
  8. atlex

    New Harlot EP91 Owner

    I definitely need to flush the heater matrix on this car. The heat is only available *far* into the red of the dial. like, the last 3 clicks.
  9. atlex

    Recently bought N/A EP-91 Starlet.

    Ooh! Triforce REEMS!
  10. atlex

    New Harlot EP91 Owner

    Took the sill covers out and ACF50'd the sills. Fairly easy job. Got about 38 MPG combined over a 300 mile trip. What's with the 10L of fuel still in the tank when the gauge reads "E" for empty ?
  11. atlex

    5 Door Glanza Rep

    This is good inspiration for me and my silver one :-) nice!
  12. atlex

    Marks starlet sr

    Also really lovely to see someone turning their own parts. Awesome.
  13. atlex

    Marks starlet sr

  14. atlex

    New Harlot EP91 Owner

    I found some rust under the battery tray I've ACF50'd it tho, now. Need to find out how I can ACF50 the sills too before getting it into too much salt.
  15. atlex

    Recently bought N/A EP-91 Starlet.

    Track car :-) Get some decent suspension (and maybe some bracing) and tyres before you both with power mods. I can recommend Meister R suspension... The 4efe is fairly limited but 4efte and 4age swaps seem very popular. (I'm keeping mine "standard" because my mod money goes to my roadsters)