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  1. New Harlot EP91 Owner

    Almost identical to my Sprint Harts. Thanks.
  2. 2017 GROUP BUY ME221 PNP ECU

    I've got two of these - one in one mx5, one waiting to go into another. Well made ECUs :-)
  3. New Harlot EP91 Owner

    I switched to Millers CFS 5w40 and put redline in the gearbox. The gearbox's old oil looked like it was very old. Coolant looks great tho. I will flush the PS system soon though. The throttle cable was *very* slack with 15mm of play. Tightened it up to around 2mm play and the response is much improved. Previously the throttle was "nothing.. not much... mild power". Now it's much more direct. I suspect this will affect MPG. Reminder to anyone listening.. check your throttle cable play!
  4. New Harlot EP91 Owner

    Feels good on 24psi so far........ I'll bump it up and try 28psi tho. thanks. What size wheels by the way ?
  5. New Harlot EP91 Owner

    Dem Reems - with winter tyres: Waifu == Happy:
  6. New Harlot EP91 Owner

    Not enough light to take photos of the car on the new wheels  But I have a question for anyone who might be reading.. The standard pressures on 13" wheels are high - like 35/40 PSI from what I See. I've fitted some 15"s wheels that would normally be on an mx5 be at 26/27 PSI This car is lighter. About 200KG lighter - around 800KG to the MX5's 1000KG. - 20% less, so I recon running 24/23 PSI should be ideal on the 15"s ? Anyone else's thoughts ? Is this right or should I get it up to 28/30 PSI ?
  7. New Harlot EP91 Owner

    So no new photos yet but I will be sticking the red sex wheels on this weekend. My other two cars.. which are both eunos roadsters :-)
  8. Silver.. 1999.. 54K Miles.. Totally standard. Not a spot of rust on it. I looked hard, couldn't find any whatsoever. Even got out the prayer mat and looked underneeth. No rust. WTF. It's Group 9! ohh my god!!. First car my mrs has been insured on, so the insurance is 60% dearer than the car itself. She needs something to build NCBs before she can get onto my other cars specialist insurance. Here are the shite photos from the advert: Best of all.. the wheels. PCD is 4x100, Lugs are M12x1.5  So it's effectively compatible with my existing wheel/whorehouse AND nuts collection. (I've got two mk1 MX5s)Racing Hart CP in red will be going on, with winter tyres. These, infact:  Better pics to follow, ideally with said.  wheels