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  1. garbs

    ET25 alloys

    Who does them?
  2. garbs

    FAO: Keri

    Yes you can as I was only speaking to Kerri a week or so ago. Drop him an email or phone him. He couldn’t have been any friendlier or helpful.
  3. garbs

    Sefton-EP91's 300hp 98 Spec Glanza

    Nice! Have they been re sprayed or had a special plastic back to black treatment?
  4. Made my first order today with Tegiwa after I asked if they had any engine torque dampers in stock (it appears they did but weren’t on their website by accident). anyway, they couldn’t have been more helpful and friendly. A genuinely professional experience of dealing with them. will most certainly be going back.
  5. garbs

    Few things wanted....

    After a carbon TRD centre console surround (in very very condition if possible) snap off steering wheel and boss. Decent stuff please, nothing cheap or nasty.
  6. garbs

    Injector dynamics - which ones?

    It’s all part of my 2019 master plan Rob, the emanage will be going and a Link installed instead. That tucked loom needs to be mine please! That’s also part of 2019’s plan.
  7. garbs

    Injector dynamics - which ones?

    Bloody hell Rob, I forgot you had them! D’oh....
  8. These are the available injectors on their website, but none are glanza specific: http://injectordynamics.com/injectors/id1050x/ which ones would fit the ep91? many thanks.
  9. garbs

    Standard Glanza V Crank Wanted

    Afternoon Rob. no, the engine is running fine! ;-) jist wanted to get a crank knife edged/polished etc, the sum of all parts etc. i have sent you an email when you get chance to have a look please. ta.
  10. garbs

    Standard Glanza V Crank Wanted

    As title. Must be in decent condition, no previous work completed on it and can't have spun a bearing etc. Many thanks.
  11. As per title, ported/polished inlet manifold for a glanza v wanted please. have a standard one that could be done, but if there is one out there already for sale, please let me know. am aware there is one for sale in the for sale section, seller hasn’t replied to messages unfortunately. many thanks.
  12. I’m a paid member but still can’t reply to for sale posts.
  13. Seems a bit daft if new owners like myself want to buy stuff and keep the scene going etc selling stuff I can maybe understand the minimum post count as it prevents people just coming on to flog stuff.
  14. I want to reply to a topic in one of the for sale sections (I want to buy something!), but there isn’t an option to reply for me. any idea why? Is it because of my low post count? many thanks.