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  1. As per title, ported/polished inlet manifold for a glanza v wanted please. have a standard one that could be done, but if there is one out there already for sale, please let me know. am aware there is one for sale in the for sale section, seller hasn’t replied to messages unfortunately. many thanks.
  2. I’m a paid member but still can’t reply to for sale posts.
  3. Seems a bit daft if new owners like myself want to buy stuff and keep the scene going etc selling stuff I can maybe understand the minimum post count as it prevents people just coming on to flog stuff.
  4. I want to reply to a topic in one of the for sale sections (I want to buy something!), but there isn’t an option to reply for me. any idea why? Is it because of my low post count? many thanks.
  5. garbs

    Glanza parts help please.

    idworkz came up trumps, great service and parts, really impressed with my first order. It won't be my last.
  6. garbs

    "Lsd" how can u tell

    Is it only the factory optional lsd that uses the different gearbox mount? so a quaife/cusco/kaaz lsd etc could be fitted into a standard box with a standard mount?
  7. garbs

    Glanza V Gearbox wanted

    As title, ideally in brilliant condition and the closer to Birmingham the better please. thanks!
  8. garbs

    St185 GT4 twinpot front callipers.

    Can anyone contribute to this please?
  9. garbs

    St185 GT4 twinpot front callipers.

    Thanks mate.
  10. Some help please... as per the title, off a 1990 Celica GT4, would these callipers and carriers fit a glanza v please? many thanks.
  11. Who sells/provides/makes the best aftermarket parts please? Looking at inner and outer track rods, cv boots, drop links, steering rack boots and ball joints and lower suspension arms/wishbones. I know id workz do most but not all the parts so if I can get all from one place that would be ideal. Would rather avoid cheap crap if possible. Many thanks.
  12. garbs

    ATS Carbon LSD

    Any update with this?
  13. garbs

    ATS Carbon LSD

    Any issues with saying what the price was please and a link to the purchase page? many thanks.
  14. garbs

    ATS Carbon LSD

    Sod it, you can’t receive pm’s for some reason.