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  1. garbs

    ATS Carbon LSD

    Any issues with saying what the price was please and a link to the purchase page? many thanks.
  2. garbs

    ATS Carbon LSD

    Sod it, you can’t receive pm’s for some reason.
  3. garbs

    ATS Carbon LSD

    Pm sent mate
  4. garbs

    REVISED DIY brake upgrade

    That’s decided then. I won’t be going down the cheaper route, a purpose built set up it is.
  5. garbs

    REVISED DIY brake upgrade

    Thanks Calum. the £750 was a guess on the price from my part. its still £580 with vat which in the grand scheme of things isn’t that bad compared to other costs of performance parts. would still like to see if there is similar stopping power for half the price though.
  6. garbs

    REVISED DIY brake upgrade

    I know you shouldn’t do brakes on the cheap but if I can avoid spending £750+ on a brake set up (let me stress, I don’t know exactly how much the WMS brake set up is) and find a kit that works brilliantly at a third of the price, I would prefer to.
  7. garbs

    REVISED DIY brake upgrade

    Thanks for the confirmation and putting that nice and simple Colin, those of us who are great mechanics need it in a nice simple language.
  8. garbs

    REVISED DIY brake upgrade

    Callum, apologies if I’m being dumb here. when you say the wms setup, do you mean using the levin callipers and carriers but then using wms discs? many thanks.
  9. garbs

    Mid spoiler wanted please

    Evening, any ep91 mid spoilers out there for sale at all please? thanks!
  10. garbs

    REVISED DIY brake upgrade

    I concur with this. As someone who isn't the most technically minded [and wants it as easy as possible!], I just want to buy stuff and fit it. If there is anyone out there who makes these kits, I'd certainly buy one.
  11. garbs

    ATS Carbon LSD

    Did you buy from nengun mate?
  12. garbs

    ATS Carbon LSD

    Also interested in this. meant to be brilliant.
  13. I’m attempting to find a decent Honda Civic Half Radiator for my Glanza V/EP91. From my research, it’s the rad from the EG - EK chassis. Mishimoto don’t sell rads for the Glanza, but they do have this for the Honda: https://www.mishimoto.co.uk/honda-civic-radiator-aluminium-performance-92-00-triple.html The question is, will it fit? many thanks for any help you can give.
  14. garbs

    Door sill plates

    Evening, by a slim chance does anyone have a pair of the silver/aluminium door sill plates for sale please? ideally in brilliant condition. many thanks.