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  1. Anyone know if it’s possible to get a bearing kit for a OEM LSD gearbox, I can find one for the standard box but not the LSD one. Getting a grumbling noise from the box when it’s cold between 30-50mph
  2. Looking for a silver duck spoiler for glanza, silver rear lip and trd front anti roll bar, anyone got any of these?
  3. paddy

    Full wiring loom, ecu and clocks

    I’ve got a couple of glanza ecu’s message me if your interested
  4. paddy

    Glanza Drivers Seat Belt

    Wanted drivers seat belt for a glanza must be good condition, needed for mot as my current one has a rip in it
  5. paddy

    Blank glanza keys

    Been 6 different places now seems very difficult to get a key cut for a starlet these days, anyone got any blank keys?
  6. paddy

    Glanza inlet manifold

    In need of a glanza ep91 inlet manifold, bare manifold no tps needed cheap as possible message me
  7. paddy

    Blitz ecu Glanza ep91

    Wanted blitz ecu for ep91 glanza, May concider mines what u got?
  8. paddy

    Tein Springs

    Only need 1 front but a pair or set would be alright, tein s tech springs
  9. paddy

    Updated clutch for td04 glanza

    As above in need of a new clutch for my td04 glanza, prefer a non paddle uprated clutch but what u got
  10. paddy

    96 bumper optional lip

    May consider other splitters anything about?
  11. paddy

    Splitter Options

    Im after a splitter for a 96 glanza bumper, I was after a Laguna one but seems hard to find one, Im just about to buy a Leon cupra splitter, before I do what other options there?
  12. paddy

    96 bumper optional lip

    After a 96 optional front lip for a glanza in silver, may consider 98 spec silver bumper with splitter
  13. paddy

    Rear Caliper Rebuild Kit

    In need of a rear caliper rebuild kit, only need 1 side but both sides would be good
  14. After some mintex 1166 pads for my glanza, sure gt pads are the same, or maybe yellow stuff. Just gone from 1166 mintex to standard pads on a td04 glanza, defo a bad move lol
  15. paddy

    Ignition barrel and key

    Lost the 1 key I had for my project glanza! Anyone got a barrel and key? It's a 96 glanza, door locks would be helpful to