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  1. TimD

    ME221 EP91 ECU

    Plug the standard ECU back in, drive to dyno, plug the ME221, map? Thought these things were plug and play?
  2. TimD

    4 Pin / Auto TPS Connector

  3. TimD

    4 Pin / Auto TPS Connector

    Anyone have one of these on an old loom they might be able to chop off and send me? I have the TPS, just not the connector for it. Thanks
  4. TimD

    Spun a bearing on crank

    Tear the engine down, that should give you a good idea of what went wrong.
  5. TimD

    Sock's 746 Track GT Turbo

    How did you get on with the water temps and coolant being pushed into the overflow? Mine did that, eventually it got so bad the car got hot and cause problems with the head and block. Not at Blyton this coming Saturday any chance are you? Friend of mine is out and I'm in the area so was going to pop in and say hi.
  6. TimD

    Saxo AX power steering pump

    The high pressure line out of the pump? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AN-6-6AN-to-M16x1-5-Power-Steering-Fuel-Injection-O-Ring-Seal-Adapter-BLACK/360709155769?hash=item53fbf0ebb9:g:tGMAAMXQyfFR-QUG I used one of those, same thing on the rack.
  7. TimD


    Thanks. It'll be COP, the S80 can do sequential injection and ignition. I 3D printed a bracket for my wideband gauge/controller the other day. Whilst my dash will display a wideband value from CAN, I didn't want to hide the controller away out of sight. I'll be back working on the car this weekend, can't wait!
  8. I bought a second hand 4efe pulley and removed the power steering part of it (4 bolts).
  9. Need to jump on this lithium battery train I think, the lightweight gel battery I use is somewhat of a lead weight in comparison.
  10. TimD


    No more updates on the car, but the display I've been working tirelessly on is finally at a point where it bolts in. Should hopefully get the chassis wiring finished very soon, then move onto the engine/ecu harness before having it mapped.
  11. TimD

    FRP Bonnet

    Does that include TOMS stuff as well, I really hope so!
  12. Time is one of my biggest hurdles. I could quite easily spend every waking hour working on mine, but work, family, etc have a habit of cutting into it! A friend of mine has a golf and a DTA, he struggled to get the tacho working. A collection of diodes was the solution!
  13. TimD

    Speeding advice?

    I'm no angel on the road, we all speed from time to time. But to get caught doing 130, and then say it has stopped you going over 90 suggests to me, the punishment dished out wasn't substantial enough. I'll shut up now, I must sound like a moaning old man. Ha!
  14. TimD

    Speeding advice?

    So you learnt nothing? How about trying to not go over 70mph, which is the speed limit.