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  1. UKSO Software Upgrade!

    Working here, but only after I clicked the Mark Site Read link.
  2. UKSO Software Upgrade!

    If you mark site as read, then obviously wait for something new to show up, the unread content stuff works again.
  3. UKSO Software Upgrade!

    Unread Content doesn't seem to be working anymore?  Error code: EX4096
  4. DTA ECU

    Picked up an S80 today, some chap had one for sale locally. You have to know what you're doing with mapping, but essentially, yes you can map them with a laptop.
  5. Cleeves Gt ep82

    [oldman] Ah jeez.. This is a forum, not Facebook. Take the time to write a response, not click a like. [/oldman]
  6. First proper post. Help with td04

    You'd get by with a fuel pressure regulator I suspect. Either pay for someone to check your AFR's, or buy a wideband and do it yourself? Ideally you'd get some form of aftermarket ECU or Piggyback. I think there is a group by on the plug and play ME221 ECU currently. Hard to beat that deal really. 
  7. DTA ECU

    Thanks Shaun, and will do. I've just had confirmation that the S40 will not run the engine in the way I'd like, and I'll need to move up to the S60. For those who are not interested in doing things like coil on plug then the S40 will work once you've fitted an external trigger, but that's not really the avenue I want to go down. For those who are interested, I'll be doing a full build on how I install the S60 into the car, including loom design, etc.
  8. DTA ECU

    Hi, Was hoping to buy an S40 Pro ECU this week to fit to my car, and using standard triggering run semi-sequential injection as well as wasted spark ignition. But I don't think the S40 will support that, as it only has a single "crankshaft input". Can anyone confirm that, I'm beginning to think I'll need to save a little longer and get the S60. http://www.dtafast.co.uk/dta_products/s40pro-ecu/ Cheers Tim PS. If anyone has any technical details on how the standard 24 tooth trigger wheels work in terms of Cam and Crank triggering, and would like to share them, please do so.
  9. Billet td05

    It would appear that turbo lag is the requirement?
  10. Help with kill switch

    My Kill switch is wired to the positive side of the battery. I have a small junction box in the engine bay where I join the 12v from the switch to the original 12v lines from the battery. I then have a single cable to one side of the switch, and another single cable from the switch to the battery which is tucked behind the passenger seat. You'll get the resistor in your FIA kit, that needs a good earth point so any left over voltage goes to ground rather than anywhere it really shouldn't. You'd only ever get that sort of problem if you were to kill the engine at high RPM's, but without the resistor you could quickly melt the ground wire causing a potential fire, especially in an accident when there are fluids involved. From memory, the bottom two prongs labelled 2, need to split the Black & Red wire which goes to your ignition barrel, this is the 12v for ignition and injectors. When the switch is in it's off position or removed, the only thing that should have continuity are the two prongs labelled 1. When it is in it's on position the large mate bolts and the prongs labelled two will have continuity.
  11. Low oil pressure

    That's not low oil pressure.
  12. Door cards

    That's not what I used, doesn't look like they have what I bought listed on their site. A friend of mine has a unit on the same industrial estate as them, so I popped in. Worth a phone call to them, it's just a flat sheet, can't remember how big it was, pretty big, almost too big to fit into my E39 touring!
  13. Door cards

    Easy enough done, just draw around the original door cards and cut them out. I bought a big sheet of fiberglass backed carbon fibre from ABS Motorsport (http://www.absmotorsport.co.uk/)
  14. Fasteners

    Most are just normal pitch metric M6 bolts. You can by a little tool to measure pitch, be a couple of quid i suspect from eBay.
  15. General machining projects

    I'm on the look out for someone to help me produce an enclosure for a electronics project. A 5" TFT Dash Display, think Motec C125. Is that something you can possibly help me with?