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  1. Saxo AX power steering pump

    The high pressure line out of the pump? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AN-6-6AN-to-M16x1-5-Power-Steering-Fuel-Injection-O-Ring-Seal-Adapter-BLACK/360709155769?hash=item53fbf0ebb9:g:tGMAAMXQyfFR-QUG I used one of those, same thing on the rack.
  2. EP82.racing

    Thanks. It'll be COP, the S80 can do sequential injection and ignition. I 3D printed a bracket for my wideband gauge/controller the other day. Whilst my dash will display a wideband value from CAN, I didn't want to hide the controller away out of sight. I'll be back working on the car this weekend, can't wait!
  3. I bought a second hand 4efe pulley and removed the power steering part of it (4 bolts).
  4. Need to jump on this lithium battery train I think, the lightweight gel battery I use is somewhat of a lead weight in comparison.
  5. EP82.racing

    No more updates on the car, but the display I've been working tirelessly on is finally at a point where it bolts in. Should hopefully get the chassis wiring finished very soon, then move onto the engine/ecu harness before having it mapped.
  6. FRP Bonnet

    Does that include TOMS stuff as well, I really hope so!
  7. Time is one of my biggest hurdles.  I could quite easily spend every waking hour working on mine, but work, family, etc have a habit of cutting into it! A friend of mine has a golf and a DTA, he struggled to get the tacho working. A collection of diodes was the solution! 
  8. Speeding advice?

    I'm no angel on the road, we all speed from time to time. But to get caught doing 130, and then say it has stopped you going over 90 suggests to me, the punishment dished out wasn't substantial enough.  I'll shut up now, I must sound like a moaning old man. Ha!
  9. Speeding advice?

    So you learnt nothing? How about trying to not go over 70mph, which is the speed limit.
  10. EP82.racing

  11. EP82.racing

    Still working on this thing, in the middle of a complete re-wire. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_LJlBzmQLI
  12. Alternator Charge Circuit

    Hi, In the planning stages of a complete re-wire of my car, and one thing I'm a little unsure of is the charge circuit. I need to double check my connector, but according to diagrams online, the multi-plug should have 3 connections, we then have a ring terminal to the battery. Now, I'm aware that I need a to connect 1 of the connections from the multiplug, and the ring terminal to the battery via a fuse. But that leaves two connections, one appears to be an exciter which sends 12v to the alternator when the ignition is switched on, the other a ground for the dash-light, I think. Does the dash-light circuit need to be complete, and if so, is there a certain amount of current draw needed for this to work? I know that some require a 3 watt bulb, for example. Hopefully I can find some time on Saturday to disect that part of the loom, but in the mean-time if any of you have a firm answer, that would be great. Thanks
  13. Baffled sump

    I have an RW Developments baffle in mine, but would like to move to a trap door style one. Some of the quotes I've had in the past for that sort of work are more expensive than fitting an accusump!! I'm going to have a proper look again soon, hopefully I can find someone reasonable. 
  14. DTA ECU

    Brill, cheers! I've been playing with the ECU on my workbench over the last couple of weeks, and have working prototype of a display for it. Going to start working on the wiring for the car this weekend, and hopefully have the ECU mostly installed before the year is out. Some details in a build thread on the DTA forum. http://www.dtaforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1400 Here's a clip of my dash running on CAN data from the ECU, I even simulated a running engine with a second micro controller. So the ECU is seeing a crank signal which is allowing me to play with RPM as well as sensor values. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMfHWnx3MTY