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  1. As title. Running tein springs and kyb dampers. Feel like the trd arb is a bit overkill and a stock arb would be better suited, much prferred the handling of my old sr than my glanza with this on. Opinions please on what it's worth.
  2. Getting there. http://s347.photobucket.com/user/paulgrimsley/media/IMG_0820_zps2kzhezen.jpg.html http://s347.photobucket.com/user/paulgrimsley/media/IMG_0824_zpsr8acvivn.jpg.html http://s347.photobucket.com/user/paulgrimsley/media/IMG_0821_zpsfsk7clmy.jpg.html
  3. There are two T10, all the rest are T5. Avoid LED, nothing but hassle. Gone through several sets, they never last long. If you want coloured bulbs either use the silicone bulb caps or try a translucent glass or tile paint.
  4. http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/24148-diy-toms-style-adjustable-spoiler/ Always wanted one too. Super rare apparently, only seen one pictured on a uk car. After planning on doing this for over a year I finally chopped my glanza spoiler up last night. Designed my adjuster plates today and will hopefully start cutting them out tomorrow. Will post pics when it's finished.
  5. Hi Si My glanza has some pretty rough sun damage where the lacquer has gone cloudy just above the rear quarter windows. Is there anything I can do to at least make it look a little nicer until funds allow a respray? It's 205 black. Thanks
  6. The glanza dials are a very light grey. I have the eBay mph dial face. If I was being picky it's not a perfect match but it's only a shade out. Also the stock dials kind of have a printed backing to manipulate the light from the bulbs in the instrument cluster which the eBay face doesn't have. It only means you have two slightly brighter spots either side of the speedo from where the bulbs sit. Worth getting still, especially for the money.
  7. One here, pm if still needed.
  8. pdg190

    Seat belt buckles

    After a pair of front seat belt buckles to fit my 91
  9. Have you looked at keenserts? Used them a lot whilst machining for judd. Always found them to be spot on for aluminium.
  10. Citronella spray. Girlfriends a vet nurse, says it's the best/most humane deterrent there is.
  11. I run ET35 7J with 195/45/15, tein springs with kyb shocks with no arch work and no rubbing.
  12. I think they could be standard Mazda wheels, knew I guy who had them on a 97 323 hatch and a quick google of 97 323 throws up the odd car pic with same wheels.
  13. pdg190

    Pcv valve seating

    May be a stupid question but eml came on and got map sensor, checked all vac hoses and noticed the Pcv valve sitting high. I popped it out far easier than I think it should have come out, it's all clean and completely intact but after I took the car for a run its just popped up again sitting high in the grommet. I'm assuming the valve shoulder should sit against the top of the grommet?
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