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  1. SG_EP91

    New from Ireland B-)

    Welcome lad, Sweet car too
  2. Great post and must say ive used SRP alot and i found the longer i left it on the car the better the result was, i mean i left it on at least 1-2 hours once and it was amazing, seemed to help it settle into the swirls better BUT do not use it in the evening when temp changes (IMO) as gets colder and doesnt work as good (Just my opinion )
  3. SG_EP91

    Sticky throttle?

    ^^ cheers few tricks t try then lol
  4. SG_EP91

    Sticky throttle?

    ^^ cheers shahzad will try that
  5. As title states whe i push on my accelerator you can feel it kind of stick after a quarter of the way down, not that you have to shove it or put pressure on it to push it but just feels a wee bit sticky if anyone gets my drift? Can be noticed when car in neutral and go t push accelerator and just feel a slight stick! Anyone know if there anything i could try make it smooth or anything?
  6. SG_EP91

    EP91 N/A Calliper Help?

    Cheers for the offer Morgey but live in Ireland so bit far lol, but cheers for the offer man appreciate it.. Might be getting one tomorrow so fingers crossed
  7. SG_EP91

    EP91 N/A Calliper Help?

    Yeah as ^^ WeeJohn said and what i searched so far am nearly sure 98&99 spec EP91 N/a's are the same part but when i searched a Toyota Dealers site the part number for 96/97 calliper looks way different and completley different part number so am asuming they done slight upgrade mabye for the 98/99 specs??? Any help/advice opinions greatly appricated lads cheers
  8. SG_EP91

    EP91 N/A Calliper Help?

    As the title states looking for advice ASAP as going to get a 2nd hand front drivers side calliper and wondering if the 98&99 spec EP91 N/A Starlet use the same brake calliper? I know the 96&97 are different! So advice or help on will a 99 spec calliper fit on my 98?
  9. SG_EP91

    new member

    Yeah their common issues but only if they've been driven by maniacs that are rough with them, hence why its hard to find a decent one. I had a 98 EK4 1.6 vtech dohc and loved it but had to go cause couldnt afford it Aw man i understand i would pick a push bike over an EP2, Hated them when they first came out and always will. EK shapes are the nicest and always more reliable (imo) But would still pick my starlet over an EP2, sorry for the confusion lol
  10. SG_EP91

    new member

    Welcome lad. Id personally go with CIVIC cause ive had 2 already and didnt get one bit of bother ever with them. Found parts and mod parts very easy but it depends on cashflow too. Changed to a 1.3 N/A starlet and it was a good buy for tax and insurance purposes although ive had bad luck with it from Brake Callipers, handbrake cable snapping and heater matrix failing, and not as comfy as other cars but still a resonable car.. Anyway choice is your goodluck man
  11. SG_EP91

    Help needed ASAP please

    Alls good guys got it sorted. Thanks anyway
  12. SG_EP91

    Help needed ASAP please

    Just after putting in my new heater matrix(such a cunt of a job by the way), and ive got all the internal connections done right but not sure on the two pipes on the heater matrix that come through to the engine and which one feeds to where?? If anyone knows please let me know asap please
  13. SG_EP91

    hi newbie from ireland

    Welcome lad, This a really good site and easy to navigate around if you spend the time on it.. From Ireland myself too.. Enjoy the browsing here, great stuff, tips and ideas
  14. SG_EP91

    no heating

    ha good luck if it's the heater matrix cause i spent a good 3-4 hours taking the dash and everything around there out and in(Ive never done this before on any car) and i swear to god i will not ever be doing it again..It's still a bloody torture trying to get the heater matrix out when the dash is out sohonestly good luck to anyone seriously!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. SG_EP91

    american top gear

    Was f00king awuful!! Such a balls of the commentry when doing the star in a car part lol.. Complete waste of the 10mins of my life i watched it for.. NEVER EVER AGAIN lol!!