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  1. Help setting up hks evc

    Hi, does anyone know how to setup a hks evc boost controller? I watched a video on youtube and went by that it boosted to 1.32bar nearly flew out the window, Im running stock ecu so needs to be maximum 0.75bar wastegate spring is a 0.6 so need to up the boost a little.
  2. Its engine movement, Not something with the electrics. Can feel slight play in gearstick but nothing too severe.
  3. Ah i see so i was right, I also got an annoying problem, When im crusing in low gears and i let of the accelerator it jerk forward and back, also the same when i accelerate. Can it be the tps or rear mount? The mounts are polybushed already
  4. I changed the clutch it was the clutch making the sound, as you can see in the pictures the clutch is dead. The gearbox input shaft has some in and out play would this cause any problems? I rebuilt it a couple months ago so i dont know why its got play.
  5. Im not 100% sure to be honest, But id assume around 6000-7000 Im getting a competition clutch stage 2 for £100 tomorrow will be fitting that on with a new slave cylinder and fresh fluid.
  6. My glanza has recently been making a creaking sound and also like a metal spring flicking sound when i press the clutch pedal in, It only does it from cold and once warmed up it will usually go away, I have a exedy paddle clutch fitted and it been in since 2013. This week the pedals been feeling very soft and also the engage point is high and when changing gears i dont feel the clutch releasing and engaging.
  7. Clutch 4efte

    Im after a good oem quality clutch for my glanza, Can be a stage 1 too, Anyone got one for sale
  8. Hello, My glanza's passenger side door lock stopped working recently, I have central locking when i lock the car with the key only driver side locks and the passenger side doesnt lock or unlock, You can see there is a slight flick sound coming from the door but doesnt have enough power to lock or unlock the passenger side? What can be the problem? Can it be a faulty door locking mechanism? Thanks
  9. Yes i know are but to a certain extent. Cant be riding on a 45degree angle lol will kill them.