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  1. is a happy guy recently had my car set up and dyno'd by steve who held the northstarts rolling road meet, 150 at .7 and 165 at .8 finally driving like a dream again :)

  2. cheers lads minds put at rest anywayes thought my engine was on its way out
  3. My car recently has started giving out a puff of blueish smoke when I start the car it goes away straight away and doesn't happen while driving or on boost I've been told it could be valve stem seals?? If so is it safe to drive it or could it damage my engine?
  4. just wondering what peoples opinions are on these ebc's gonna be choosing one of the two but jus wanted to see if anyone is already running any of them and opinions before i choose.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/52mm-Pro-I-EBC-Electronic-Boost-Controller-Kit-Any-Petrol-Turbo-Charged-Car-/281783997106?hash=item419ba292b2 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pro-I-EBC-Electronic-Boost-Controller-Kit-For-Toyota-Starlet-GT-Supra-Celica-GT4-/281781440115?hash=item419b7b8e73
  5. dont even think mine was boosting that high too, dono why mines playing up, nuisance
  6. recently had WEPR power up kit and tial ewg fitted to my car, turned out i had the ewg plumbed in wrong and it was over boosting (just over a bar) and blew 2 boost pressure sensors on me, and map sensors, got the ewg plummbed in right and replace the boost pressure sensor (+map sensor) but didnt have the right silicon hosing that day, so used a bit of hosing that i found in the garage, it was too tight and the car over boosted again and has blew another boost pressure sensor (and map sensor) have replaced silicon hosing now but little too late and have ordered the new sensors but was just wond
  7. yea just flickering so gonna order a oil pressure switch, will get my uncle to have a look at it, my cousin had a look earlier and i have a nasty crack in my manifold and a big nasty hole in 1 of my intercooler pipes he reckons it could be the reason as its getting too much air, so gonna try block the hole in my intercooler pipe with a bit of spare silicone hose (til i get new pipes) and im getting my WEPR power up kit fitted tomorrow aswell so that will be the cracked manifold sorted, just hoping that will solve it
  8. my engine has recently started playing up, 1st of all i noticed a week ago my oil light has started showing up when car has heated up normally when sitting on idle when the revs increase it goes away, then couple of days ago my car started spluttering and kept conking out so took it to my uncle and he said the dump valve has stuck open so removed it and car was going fine after that, but today it has started doing the same thing spluttering and when i try to give it bit of juice to keep it from conking out it keeps jumping, have any of you guys experienced this before? or have a clue what migh
  9. cheers guys will give it a go
  10. stinks like lol my air con has already been removed tho..
  11. anytime i turn the heaters on, the air coming through the vents stink badly, just wondering if its an indication theres something faulty and if theres anyway of getting rid of the bad smell, its annoying
  12. n.irish cars is mot just the same as rest of uk, s.irish cars are nct'd so it will need mot'd/taxed it was around £80 to to get it registered for the uk new number plates etc, you'll have to get an import pack from dvla and also youl need to get a n.o.v.a (notification of vehicle arrivals) form fromm HMRC tho and fill it out and if you do this (n.o.v.a) within the 2 weeks you wont have to pay an additional charge which i had to pay, also just for a heads up on the import forms from dvla you just have to fill out what you can and send it to them and they will finish the forms theirselves, know
  13. sad news, soz to hear that bud, R.I.P
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