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  1. Could potentially have been me? Livesport kit?
  2. Passed you on the way to time attack
  3. I wish i had the money for the engine But I'll take the coilovers if they're all good? Bret
  4. I'm considering selling my te37s and buying some rpf1s.... Haha :')
  5. Gorgeous car one of my favourite starlets ever. Looks amazing and I want those wheels! 😂🙈 good luck with the sale pal.
  6. White glanza going through Matlock Friday night Bret.
  7. . ^ made my day. Very true fix anything with tiger seal and cable ties! Bret.
  8. Sorry to see man that sucks! We wanted to get behind you on track with focus rs haha. Nice talking to you mate. Pm me if interested but the clio williams from track day today may be for sale if interested? Awesome car with spares to i believe. Bret.
  9. As above I'm after only the rear end of the japspeed exhaust for an ep91 *rear and Backbox* Thank you, Bret.
  10. I didn't see this otherwise I would have been interested Bret.
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