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  1. Is it common for the starlets to not start in freezing temperatures? I have just gone out to start the car and it just doesn't want to start at all... It turns over but don't think I'm getting a spark or fuel...
  2. Not at the moment mate no... the best way to explain them is that the passenger one has the OEM feet etc with some metal welded on top for the seat + sliders to go on to... and the drivers is basically a bunch of metal with the same principle I've come to the conclusion that I need to try and find some proper rails for my buckets but can't find anything :/
  3. Right I think I just need some new rails as mine are custom to but the buckets on! Tried getting hold of browner to see if he has any but no luck as of yet...Where can I get a pair of rails that would fit my bucket seats or do most aftermarket rails fit buckets?
  4. I have rigid back seats mate I wouldn't go for harness on recliners but just having trouble with my harness as I have a custom rail with no harness mounting :/
  5. Will do mate, I'm not too sure if you can get these over here... just hear about people having them on when they import the car and can never get another set!
  6. Always wanted to give those pads a go! Heard good things from them!
  7. Thanks mate, much appreciated!
  8. I have done mate... just doesn't clear up how you mount the harness on the handbrake side that's all...
  9. Where have you mounted your 2 lap straps for the harness? I know the one on the right goes into the existing seat belt holes but what have you done about the left side?
  10. I'm just wondering how people have mounted their harness as I know you can use the original seat belt holes but what about the buckle side? As there is nothing to really fasten it to as the buckle is part of the original ep91 seats Any help is appreciated Thanks
  11. As above I have rails already on my corbeau seats but I want to sit lower as these are modified standard rails... Any help is appreciated!
  12. I managed to sort it in the end... turns out when I tightened it all up I left the right strut bolts slightly loose allowing it to move and knock against the housing! Good job I stopped when I first heard it... School boy error!
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