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  1. Comonginge

    Wanted project

    Helllloooo back into the glanza world after a long break I'm wanting a project cheaper the better because I'm planning on ripping it too bits and starting over again so if anyone knows of anything let me know please
  2. Comonginge

    Glanza wanted

    Rite guys am back into the glanza world I'm after a car as a project to build too how I want it oem lsd is preferable though cheers
  3. Comonginge

    Oem lsd box

    How close is close and how much u wanting mate
  4. Comonginge

    Oem lsd box

    Good old great Britain Derbyshire dales aha I mean obviously if money rite I donr mind the extra on shipping buddy
  5. Comonginge

    Oem lsd box

    Aup guys I'm bavk on the starlet building side again I'm after a oem lsd box with its mounts and shafts if anyone has one or knows of one would be great cheers
  6. If the thermostat is sticking it will give you a rite headache buddy but sounds like the head may have gone won't always loose power because it can just push gas into cooling system and not let coolant into the bore
  7. If the airbag light stays on then it will fail buddy because it Indicates a fault in the system but if the bag isnt there and the light stays out then it can't fail because it isn't there to not work if you get me
  8. Cheers guys I've pm,d you al put some pics of the 82build up soon
  9. Like the title says oem lsd box wanted with shafts and mounts please
  10. Somone is selling the whole lot on starlet parts dude
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