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  1. Had my timing belt done today but they couldn't do the water pump due to the risk of the seized bolts snapping so looking for pulleys and bolts for all the other bits. Located in Scotland but will pay postage from elsewhere.
  2. Thanks for the reassurance. Finally got round to doing it last weekend 😊
  3. OK, it's been a while. I bought this because my previous car packed in and I urgently needed an old Jap hot hatchback for the 100 mile a day commute to work. Found and bought this in two days and was well chuffed. My company moved to a city-centre office with no parking the next week. So since then it's been a weekend car and I've probably not given it the TLC it deserves. It's been an absolute star. Totally bulletproof. Got a list of minor things to fix, though. Just need to get my finger out my butt and make the effort. There will be follow-up questions..
  4. I'll be there but was expecting to be in my old car so will be on the Almera Owners Club stand. Next year I'll have tidied the Glanza up a bit and will hopefully be on the UKSO pitch. Will pop by when I get there to say hello. Edit: lucky to be going at all.. two month old wheel bearing packed in on Friday because whoever fitted it before I bought it forgot to grease it..
  5. Thanks. I knew there was a reason I love last century's jap scrappers :-) My local garage loved the last one (Almera GTi) because "there is so much more room in the engine bay than modern cars". Sorry about that lads.
  6. Cool. I thought so but good to know I can plan my weekend now :-)
  7. My new Glanza V has a osf euro wing with a badly filled side indicator and dust-over. I've sourced a replacement jdm wing which will hopefully be a good colour match. Was just wondering if this is a DIY spanners only job or needs welding? Any gotchas?
  8. That looks bloody nice! Hope you make it to JAE. You a member of any Scottish clubs? Been lots of good meets and shows this year.
  9. As per title, looking for a set of good condition Glanza V headlights, shipped to Scotland. In a pinch would take just lenses if in very good nick as I assume they can be swapped over.
  10. Great to deal with; got some mint EP91 headlights from him at a great price. Quick delivery and packed really well.
  11. Utterly tragic. Feel so sorry for their friends, family and those with them on the rally.
  12. Very modified, low level spoiler, white rollcage,blue-rimmed alloys. Sounded brutal and looked really tidy. That was me behind you in the other silver Glanza V.
  13. As title says, I have looked everywhere online for a new one and can't seem to find them anywhere. EDIT: Got one sorted out now. Thanks for looking.
  14. Thanks guys, it's in pretty good nick. The receipt in the pile of paperwork was for these springs.. http://www.tein.co.uk/srch/uk_search.php?maker=TOYOTA&carmodel=STARLET&modelyear=1995-1999&item=default ..and the springs on the car are green so seems legit. It could just be the angle of the photos that is making it look higher.. or the Almera behind it that's slammed on BC track coilovers with only 2" clearance :-)
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