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  1. Hi Dan sounds like an awesome project cant wait to see this project. I noticed that you are from east sussex, where abouts as i am too
  2. I'm Eastbourne just brought another starlet as sold my last one a regretted it lol will wanna meet with more people Brighton way aswell
  3. Hi guys haven't been around for a while. Has anyone got a GT turbo spoiler Cheers Ben
  4. That's what I did to my corbeau seats already came with universal rails just had to make a small bracket and then bolt the feet and rails to that and done not that hard much better than trying find rails
  5. Yay red n/a starlet friend haha but seriously nice car mate need to get a pic of our 2 cars together at some point
  6. I'll try and get a vid but it's a intamitant fault/noise so hard to know when it will happen 1 day it'll do it most of the time the next day it won't do it at all very annoying and I'll have a look at those 2 things mate
  7. Yeah just testing the water as unsure on what route to take got the love for the starlet back so wanna do some stuff i am more incline to turbo it on low boost as is apparently quite easy to do
  8. Hi guys i know some of you guys have done itb's conversion on your starlets before and they look really good can someone please inform me on whats involved in doing the conversion i.e. parts how to do it where to gets parts from etc thanks Ben
  9. Hi guys got a horrific noise coming from my car it sounds like the aux belts are slipping but they have been changed and run in so it is not them plus it's coming from the back of the engine any ideas? Thanks Ben
  10. Hi guys any tips on taking out an engine on a 1998 starlet? as never taken a engine out before
  11. anyone have any ideas on what engine gearbox and running gear anyone has used for rwd stralet/glanza?
  12. Hi everyone I'm thinking putting some bonnet vents in my starlet and would like some ideas Cheers Ben
  13. Does anyone know the size of the bolts that are used to fix the seat rails to the car like if they are mate or m10s etc cheers ben
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