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  1. 🤌🤌🤌🤌 sweeet build
  2. Started a YouTube channel there, gonna start documenting the car and maybe some tutorials and general fucking about, will still post on the forum👍
  3. Lil update, cold start dialled in and a shitty custom cluster delete thingy🤷‍♂️ IMG_0410.MOV
  4. Cheers @shorty and it’s only going to get more awsomererererer🤣
  5. Well I finally got the fucker started, more updates to come🤘🤘 IMG_0223.MOV
  6. Another update on the car🤘 It’s been a while since the last update, just been busy with work but I’ve been chipping away at it. my main goal is to make it as light and as simple as possible, so I’ve completely stripped the insides, door skins will be cut out as well as plastic windows, all lights will be wired from scratch (yet to do🚽). cool little centre piece I’ve made for the gauges and switches, made from the factory door card design🤌 As for the engine i’ve gone for a haltech elite 550 with a basic universal wiring harness, k20 coil packs, 4efte dizzy for the crank a
  7. Cheers Sam, will get a video up soon, proper little rocket now (for a 1.3)😂
  8. Haven’t been on here in a whiiiile, few more things done to the car •rebuilt head •port and polish •fidanza lightened flywheel •and a lovely set of superlites👌
  9. Very interesting Sam, always thought 4efe and 4efte cams were the same, shoot me a message there and we can get something sorted👌
  10. Cheers Sam, is it true that they have slightly more lift than the 4efe???
  11. View of the throttle bodies under the bonnet😫😍 6DD95247-227B-4E9F-B626-D55F3C122D6B.MOV
  12. 55mm is the outside diameter on the intake side🙈, as for management I’m just using a det3 on piggyback mode with aem wideband, only real adjustments I had to make is try to make it idle and it was running slightly rich up top and lean down low in the revs which I have corrected but other than that shes sweet👌
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